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Here is an institute, which has made the study of astrology accessible and affordable. Sri Ramanujar Astrology Training & Education centre, functioning in T. Nagar, has been doing the yeoman service of combining the quality and cost-effective astrology courses to aspirants.

Inaugurated by Judge Indira on March 3, 2008, the institute has been functioning on Sundays at (Ramakrishna Mission) Sarada Middle school on Ramanathan Street.

‘Jothish Sironmani’ Mr. Rama Karunanidhi, inspired by the life of saint Ramanuja has named the institute after him.

Rama Karunanidhi is a master graduate in Astrology from Karpagam University. He has dedicated his time to this institute after his retirement from the Electricity Department. He says, “We have started this institution with the intention to make people come out of their day-to-day problems, which are troubling their minds. We are doing this as a service to mankind and not as a business. We are also planning to have a library for astrology learning students”.

“Our motto is to teach astrology in a simplest possible method,” he vouches.


‘Jothish Sironmani’ Mr. Kumaravelu, (B.A. Astrology) vice-chairman of the institute, guides students by teaching a more complicated topic ‘Asta Varga’, with modern techniques and predictive astrology, in a simple way. ‘Jothish Sironmani’ Mr. Parameswaran, Managing Director, teaches Kalathra Bhawa; the Directors ‘Jothish Sironmani’ Ms. Uma Maheswari teach Bhawas and marriage-matching; and ‘Jothish Sironmani’ S. Krushnan, D. Astro, teaches Vedic astrology and practical astrology at the institute.

So far, 8 batches of about 250 learners have passed out of the institute after successful training. The courses offered with the fee of Rs. 500 per month are: Basic Astrology (Lower) 3-Months, Prediction Astrology (Higher) 4-Months and Research Class 4-Months.

Those who are interested can contact ‘Jothish Sironomani’ T.P. Chandrasekar, Director, secretary & administrative officer, for admissionsPh: 98403 08599 Email:

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