Inga Enna Solludhu: Get surreal!

Inga Enna Solludhu  

In V. Selva's Inga Enna Solludhu, Ganesh (the sandpaper-voiced VTV Ganesh) undertakes a road trip and narrates his life's story to a companion (Santhanam). This sort of narrative automatically assumes that it's an interesting life — otherwise why would anyone want to hear about it?

But the episodes are so dull, the screenplay so crude and disjointed that we feel we've smoked some pot and slipped into a surreal dream. Santhanam observes that a mass murderer like Hitler was a vegetarian, and claims that he's an expert on the Yajur-Rig-Sama Vedas. We hear of a suicide attempt, and we cut to a song with the refrain “ appa tucker,” with everyone doing the lasso move from Gangnam Style.

A man fires a gun in a nighclub and... well, I don't know, he vanishes from the movie. Pandiyarajan pops up in Singapore. A song from Kumki plays on the car radio, and instantly, Ganesh sees an elephant on the road. Swarnamalya feeds a beggar and then declares that she's a call girl.

Ganesh tells a Chinese inspection officer, “I will prepare Indian masala tea for you.” Meera Jasmine, on the other hand, offers Ganesh green tea, and he hesitates because “6 to 9, risky time... because whiskey time.” Meera Jasmine thinks Silambarasan is in love with her because he gifts her a platinum-diamond ring. Ganesh steals silverware from an Indian restaurant.

Andrea Jeremiah flies in from Paris and expresses a desire to have a masala dosa. Ganesh goes to the races and plans to produce a movie with KS Ravi Kumar directing, Kamal Haasan acting, AR Rahman composing the music.

And then, we discover that one of these characters is really... God. No, really. Walking out, I wondered if He'd give me back my two hours.

Genre: Drama

Director: V. Selva

Cast: VTV Ganesh, Meera Jasmine, Santhanam

Storyline: A lousy husband becomes a good one... or something.

Bottomline: Seriously?

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