Abhinetri: Here to entertain

Tamannaah and Prabhudeva in the film  

Abhinetri is a film you wouldn’t want to slot as a horror comedy; the tag that fits it right is an entertainer. Director A L Vijay proves that all one requires is a little bit of sophistication and innovative writing to breathe some life into the genre. A rather simplistic plot with no major twists, Abhinetri rides on quality humour.

The film’s energy quotient is primarily fulfilled by Prabhudeva, although he’s assisted in parts by Saptagiri and Prudhviraj. The actor Prabhudeva is in wonderful form as Krishna, reminding us of his Premikudu days, whose flirty, innocent antics are complemented by apt comic timing. From his quest to marry a modern Mumbai girl facing over 32 rejected love proposals to ending up with a village-bred girl Devi (Tamannaah), he takes viewers on a laughter ride. The portions where he goes back to his village to visit his ailing grandma are a riot.

The partial horror element is introduced when the couple moves back to Mumbai in an apartment and all hell breaks loose. That’s when you see the superstar Raj Karan (played neatly by Sonu Sood) come into the fray, who opens a door for Devi to enter the film industry.

The film successfully blends situational humour with the emotional journey of a mismatched couple. Except for the ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ number where the lyrics seem more Hindi than Telugu, the makers ensure that Abhinetri remains a Telugu film at heart; the backdrop, the choice of actors (like Hema, Saptagiri, Prudhviraj, Murali Sharma) and the finesse in dialogues are authentic. The film industry backdrop is kept basic, although you get enough insight into how managers and project contracts work here.

While it’s natural for Tamannaah to feel more at ease in her glam avatar Ruby, you’re left surprised with her assurance as Devi, the shy conservative girl from Vetapalem who doesn’t mind being the homemaker slipping into her cotton saris. The transition remains seamless as she moves back and forth in the parts. She and Prabhudeva share a delightful on-screen camaraderie. Sonu Sood looks very much the superstar he plays, getting the aura and body language to perfection. The special appearances aren’t forced; Farah Khan and Raju Sundaram in fact steal the thunder from the leads when they’re on screen.

The art work also adds a lot of class to the film, be it in the atmosphere on the film sets or the haunted apartment where the newly-wed couple reside, the care for detailing complements the frames well. The director is in terrific control of a product that’s vivid and chirpy throughout. Abhinetri is his first outright commercial film to date and he packs a good punch.


Cast: Tamannaah, Prabhudeva, Sonu Sood, Saptagiri

Director: A L Vijay

Music: Sajid - Wajid and Vishal Mishra

Rating: 3.25 stars

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