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S3-Yamudu 3: Speed sans soul

Suriya and Anushka  

S3-Yamudu 3 is an independent story, though it is the third in the series. The first two worked well, but this one is not as great, though it doesn’t disappoint. Director Hari has always been good at racy screenplays; watching his S3-Yamudu 3 is like boarding a super fast express.

The first few minutes are a pain as you take time to adjust to the dubbing. Sharat Babu speaks like a foreigner in an Indian Assembly. As per the plot, a Commissioner in Andhra Pradesh has been killed and a Commissioner from Karnataka, Narasimha, steps in to investigate and nab the culprits. Narasimha finds out Reddy (Sharat Saxena) killed the Commissioner and has ties with Vittal (Anup Singh) from Australia. Narasimha flits between Andhra and Australia and finally nails Vittal down in a pale climax set in a forest. The interesting plot also weaves in E-waste and medical waste.

The heroism is elevated and though there are predictable scenes like a computer being hacked, password being typed and some stuff being transferred, all these give you a sense of gratification and achievement purely due to the racy script. You tend to ignore the many illogical scenes for the same reason.

Soori’s comic act doesn’t pass muster. Sample this dialogue: “If this orange is called Kamala, then this orange is its sister Vimala and the third fruit is Amala.” The jokes are that inane. Sruthi Hassan plays a journalist who has a crush on the Commissioner. Suriya impresses once again. His dialogue that flays differences between Police from different States elicits whistles. It is a bit funny to see a commissioner and his constable dance in a pub; some things never change. The romantic track between Suriya and Anushka is a liability.

The film would have been better had there been time to breathe and feel an emotional connection between the characters. Music is terrible; there’s not a single memorable number.

S3-Yamudu 3 is purely for action lovers. And yes, one can predict there will be another edition of the Yamudu series.

S3-Yamudu 3

Cast: Suriya, Anushka

Direction: Hari

Music: Harris Jeyraj

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