Yaen (1970)

Directed by TR Ramanna, Yaen was based on a story by Krishna with the script being written by villu paattu pioneer Subbu Arumugam. The film was noted for the way it questioned why destiny plays games with people’s lives. The Yaen in the film refers to this why?

The story deals with a family, which consists of a young girl Kamala (Lakshmi) of marriageable age, her elder brother, played by AVM Rajan and a younger brother in his pre-teens played by Master Audhinarayanan. The father, SR Veeraraghavan, works in a factory and goes to work in a trolley on rails. He is an old-fashioned man and he makes his daughter greet him every day when he goes to work, thinking it will bring him luck. Kamala, meets a singer (Ravichandran), who is planning to become a lawyer. They fall in love, but Kamala is uncertain about their union due to her social status. MRR Vasu plays the villain; he has an eye on Kamala and is after her.

Suddenly, Kamala’s father passes away, and after that, a marriage proposal comes to her. She is to marry an elderly rich man, played by VS Raghavan. She goes to live with him but the old man does not treat her well. Her younger brother meets with an accident and loses a leg. One day, Kamala’s younger brother goes missing, but the old man does not let her go in search of him. Her elder brother, in a fit of rage, shoots the old man, and goes behind bars, and later escapes from prison. The villain, in the meantime, plants a time bomb in Kamala’s house to kill the family. Their pet dog collects the bomb, and brings it to Kamala’s younger brother, who is in the woods. Finally, the elder brother takes it from his younger brother and saves him, but the bomb explodes, killing the elder brother. Kamala and her lover are ultimately united.

Yaen was a different kind of story presented well on screen by Ramanna. Music was composed by TR Papa, and photography was by G Durai.

The film was shot at Vasu and AVM Studios. The film fared well at the box office and ran for ten weeks at many places. It was produced by EV Rajan for EVR Films. He was the brother of the EV Saroja, the star actress, married to TR Ramanna.

Remembered for: The unusual story, good performances by Lakshmi, AVM Rajan, SR Veeraraghavan, VS Raghavan, the young actor Audhinarayanan and others.

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