‘Family of Thakurganj’ review: Strong performances can't save this forgettable affair

A scene from ‘Family of Thakurganj’   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It’s a week of Jimmy Sheirgill double bill. And he, along with a set of reliable veteran actors, remains the only strong reason to head for a multiplex. Family of Thakurganj has an army of polished performers. However, while they try to put their best foot forward, the film is unable to rise up to their talent.

Family of Thakurganj
  • Director: Manoj K. Jha
  • Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill, Nandish Singh, Mahie Gill, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Saurabh Shukla, Manoj Pahwa, Mukesh Tiwari, Pavan Malhotra, Raj Zutshi, Yashpal Sharma, Sudhir Pandey, Pranati Rai Prakash
  • Storyline: A small town, some ordinary people and two brothers on either side of the law
  • Runtime: 133 minutes

Basically it’s Deewar redone. In a small town, peopled with ordinary folks, two brothers grow up on either side of the law. Nannu (Sheirgill) is the Robin Hood figure and younger brother Munnu (Nandish Singh) is the righteous good boy. What’s interesting is the recasting of women — the wife Sharbati (Mahie Gill) as the shrewd, manipulative mind behind Nannu and Supriya Pilgoankar doing a Nirupa Roy with a twist. Why, even the young daughter of Nannu is a devious one. But instead of dwelling a bit more on these ladies with swag, Jha turns Family of Thakurganj into an unwieldy, pointless mess about a group of gangsters and cops fighting it to the finish with a Baba Saheb at the centre as the bossman (Saurabh Shukla is excellent, specially when asking his goons to speak better Hindi ). There are some nice lines and wordplay but all of it gets overtaken by shoot-outs, killings and blood as people settle score with each other.

Close on the heels of Super 30 Nandish Singh is again seen managing a coaching centre on screen. This time on his own and not for the brother. He seems most comfortable playing the manager but very ill at ease romancing his lady love Suman (Pranati Rai Prakash). Bollywood song-n-dance around the trees is not so easy after all.

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