Data | Assembly election 2021: Trinamool Congress wins third straight term in West Bengal

Contrary to what opinion and exit polls claimed, the All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) not only won nearly 3/4ths of all the Assembly seats, it did so by improving upon its vote share in both the 2019 Lok Sabha and the 2016 Assembly elections. The BJP's vote share compared to 2019 fell by around 3% points while the Left-Congress combine's vote share and seat tallies crumbled even more compared to 2016 and 2019. The TMC was particularly dominant in the Greater Kolkata region and did well in the urban areas with a vote share more than 50%. The BJP managed to win substantially among seats reserved for STs and also did well in seats which had a substantial chunk of voters deriving income from farming. The Left-Congress combine's low vote share (7.6%) suggests that some of its traditional voters had shifted their votes to the TMC.

Mapping the 2021 results

The map depicts the seat-wise winners in the 2021 election.