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Does or do?

Are you talking about yourself or about him?

Shalini was so excited to hear from her mother that her little brother Shyam had started going to primary school.

Does he get up early? Does Jani and Krishna travel with him every day?” Shalini asked her mother.

Shalini did not realise that one of the questions she asked her mother was grammatically incorrect because of the wrong use of do/ does.

Which of Shalini’s questions is wrong?

Well, the following rules for forming questions with do and does should help you.

We use does when the subject is he, she, it.

For eg : Does he consult in this clinic?

Does Ann know the way?

We use do when the subject is I, you, we or they.

For eg : Do they stay here?

Do you know the truth?

Do girls and boys fight often?

Now that you know the rules, which of these questions is wrong?

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