Black and white, cow and cat

On November 24, 1877, Anna Sewell published a book about a horse, a touching story that brought about legislation concerning better treatment of the animals. The book was titled Black Beauty.

Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth, England. One rainy day, when she was 14, she fell while walking back from school and injured her ankles. This never healed and she became dependent on horse-drawn transport to move around. She began to learn more about horses.

In declining health, she spent most of her time in bed. With the help of her mother, she wrote a novel about a horse. Written in first person, Black Beauty, was published by Jarrold & Sons and became an instant bestseller.

Anna described at length the terrible condition of horses that drew London’s taxicabs. The story is told in the words of Black Beauty, beginning with his carefree days as a foal on a farm with his mother. From there, the narrative shifts to his life in London, having to pull cabs and the many hardships and cruelties he faces and sometimes, a bit of kindness too. But all is not lost as his life comes full circle and ends on a happy note.

Black and white, cow and cat

Suddenly Cow

Suddenly Cow, by Sowmya Rajendran, is a funny story about a cow that appears ... well ... suddenly. Anu is at the breakfast table, not wanting to eat upma. Then, as if by magic, suddenly, a cow appears and eats her share of the upma quite happily, not leaving behind even the chillies. Suddenly Cow makes her appearance at the oddest of times, in the weirdest of circumstances, without any warning.

Black and white, cow and cat

Winston and the Marmalade Cat

In Megan Rix’s Winston and the Marmalade Cat, nine-year-old Harry rescues a little ginger cat that is caught in a filthy pipe. It’s love at first sight and Harry names him Little Houdini and wants to keep him. But, Little Houdini is destined for greater things. The ex-Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill wants him. What will happen now?

Black and white, cow and cat

White Fang

Written by Jack London, White Fang is about a wolf-dog hybrid that ends up in a Native Indian camp. Disliked by the puppy pack at the camp, White Fang grows up to be a savage, morose, and deadly fighter. Follow his harsh life until he gets a kind master who, with patience and kindness, teaches him the power of love.

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