Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies In India

March 24, 2022 01:51 pm | Updated 02:10 pm IST

Customers now perform 81 per cent of their research online before making a buying choice. This demonstrates how critical it is for your business to have an online presence to prosper. Your in-house marketing team or an outsourced digital marketing agency are the two options for handling your digital marketing initiatives. This site is for you if you’re looking for the best digital marketing agencies in India. We’ve put up a well-researched list of the 30 best digital marketing agencies in India that offer top-notch services and are well-known for them around the country.


Digital marketing agencies in India are organisations that assist businesses, whether product-based or service-based, in strategising their online marketing activities to develop their businesses and increase their exposure among online consumers. Digital marketing agencies in India examine every part of the internet company process, from campaign strategy to budget allocation and much more.

A digital marketing agency entails the unique skillset necessary for a business to increase its overall market performance. Companies must develop at pace with the changing world as the world becomes more digital. As a result, in addition to all traditional marketing channels, such as print, television, and radio, it is critical to focus your attention on digital mediums to get the most out of the web world. This is where a full-service digital media firm can help.

Today’s digital marketing sector is booming. According to data from 2018, India has over 1000 digital marketing agencies. A digital marketing agency assists businesses in developing strong long-term traits that help them strengthen their position in the digital realm. This, in turn, aids these businesses in attracting and retaining clients on your website.

30 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In India

Growth Hackers Digital is a modern-day performance marketing organisation that assists well-funded startups and multinational enterprises with short- and long-term growth challenges. By executing and implementing results-oriented strategies, they assist firms in achieving quick, sustainable, and scalable growth.

They work to meet your company’s goals, such as lead creation, targeted sales growth, and conversion improvement. They have a demonstrated track record of success and the knowledge to assist their clients in growing their businesses. Their approach starts with a deep understanding of the end-user and the creation of User Personas based on current research and data.

Growth Hackers’ performance is determined by their growth and success, which they deliver to their clientele. More than 100 enterprises rely on them now. From its Bangalore and Mumbai offices, they have served clients from India, the United States, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

  • WatConsult

WatConsult, a member of the DAN (Dentsu Aegis Network) group, is one of India’s best digital marketing agencies. A top-tier consultant believes that the most important connection is the one between the consumer and the brand. It helps the firms it collaborates with to co-create and implement a solid digital marketing strategy for connecting with customers. WatConsult efficiently uses digital marketing technologies to establish a link between customers and companies on social and mobile platforms. WatConsult additionally has a fantastic team of individuals that contribute creativity and originality to the world of digital advertising.

  • iProspect

iProspect is once again considered one of India’s best digital marketing agencies. Brands have remained sturdy and popular in the digital realm because of their complete strategic solutions. iProspect conducts in-depth consumer research and offers its clients the most useful information to help them navigate the internet world. They give comprehensive solutions to complicated challenges to suit the target groups’ ever-changing and quick needs. iProspect has received several accolades for its outstanding results for a wide range of clients.

  • Webchutney

Webchutney is another DAN group digital marketing agency. It is one of India’s most successful digital marketing agencies, with a long list of prestigious clients and notable accomplishments. It’s a company that perfectly combines creativity and technology. Webchutney is a superb marketing firm for all your needs, with over 190 brilliant professionals and 300+ honours and accolades.

  • Foxymoron

This side project was founded by four college buddies that grew into one of India’s most successful independent digital marketing agencies. Foxymoron’s growth has been incredible. It’s a full-service marketing firm that specialises in providing customers with the finest available answers to their digital marketing problems. Foxymoron is made up of a talented group of strategists, analysts, techies, designers, storytellers, and producers who use digital marketing techniques to get the best results for their customers. 

  • Gozoop

Gozoop is a globally known digital marketing agency in India that provides a comprehensive communications strategy and firmly believes in having a good digital presence. It has become an inseparable part of our lives. It guarantees that its clients receive the most comprehensive and well-integrated solutions for a positive internet reputation. The team’s extensive understanding of online marketing, skilled storytelling, and digital competence in controlling mobile and web marketing expenditures are just a few reasons why Gozoop is such a well-known digital marketing agency.

  • Pinstorm

Pinstorm is one of India’s top-rated digital marketing agencies. It is a full-service supplier with a reputation for being a leader in content marketing. It is also a forerunner in the field of pay-for-performance marketing. Pinstorm thinks that for companies to compete in these changing times, they must undergo a complete change in both execution and mentality.

  • BcWebWise

BcwebWise is a well-known digital marketing agency based in Mumbai. It deals skillfully in delivering solutions for efficient digital marketing, promotion, and advertising tactics, and it includes all aspects of internet marketing. They are still one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies.

  • Mirum

Mirum, formerly known as Social Wavelength, is one of the most sought-after digital marketing agencies by organisations due to its outstanding results and ability to deliver the best. They’ve also started providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. Mirum is a borderless narrative digital organisation with a presence in 24 countries and a well-organized, structured, and extremely efficient digital marketing agency.

  •  Adsyndicate

Adsyndicate is an independent 360-degree communications agency based in India with over 25 years of expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. It is a full-service digital agency that provides reputable brands in the country with creative and technological solutions. By designing excellent digital marketing solutions, it assists companies in swiftly increasing their grasp on the digital arena. After a successful time as a digital marketing business, they’ve moved on to movies and events. It brought to light several fantastic brands that have reaped enormous benefits from their services.

  • Kinnect

Kinnect, situated in Mumbai, is one of India’s premier digital marketing agencies. Kinnect, which was founded in 2011, has developed into a close-knit family of 350+ workers across Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. They’ve received several honours throughout the world for their consistent and outstanding work for several well-known businesses. Kinnect addresses difficulties by developing creative solutions that appeal to your target audience while also demonstrable impact on your business objectives. They are one of India’s most promising digital marketing agencies, focusing on the business effect. Kinnect provides various digital services to businesses to help them establish brand equity by harnessing digital mediums to generate communications, increase word-of-mouth, deliver ROI-driven results, and foster long-term partnerships.

  • The NineHertz

The NineHertz, which was founded in 2008, is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that has seen a 55 per cent increase in traffic and quality leads in the last year. Their distinct marketing strategy and coding pattern set them out from the competitors. They think that an integrated approach to campaigns, rather than simply following trends, is the key to achieving the best outcomes in digital marketing. Their method is to develop a strategy based on the company’s performance KPIs and then brainstorm campaigns around that plan. They also employ data-driven tactics and data analytics technologies to improve campaign efficacy and efficiency.

  • Web Matriks

Web Matriks, a direct IT and one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, is based in Faridabad and provides a range of exceptional services to all sized organisations, including SEO, SMO, SMM, Website & Mobile App Design and Development. These results-oriented services are designed to help businesses expand online to their full potential and outperform their competitors in terms of revenue. They’ve serviced more than 100 clients with their digital marketing services thus far.

  • Social Pulsar

Social Pulsar, based in Kerala, is one of India’s leading SEO and digital marketing agencies. They can outpace other businesses by adhering to high professional standards and generating innovative concepts that stimulate marketplaces and create cascade consequences in users’ minds. They strive to provide their clients with the highest possible return on investment and impress them with their service. Their top-of-the-line digital marketing services will boost your earnings and improve your brand’s image.

  • Creative Monkeys

Calicut-based Calicut-based Creative Monkeys is one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies. They are one of India’s most unique and cost-effective digital marketing agencies. They offer a diverse range of services. They want to surprise, satisfy, and excite their clients through surprising ideas, unusual techniques, and successful solutions. Advertising, events, creative designs, video production, package designs, branding, digital marketing, commercial ad, and other services are available.

  • Bonoboz

Bonoboz is one of India’s greatest digital marketing agencies, with a staff of motivated workaholics based in Gujarat. They take pleasure in their client interactions and services, and they believe in providing added value. Throughout the project’s duration, the business maintains total openness. They’ve demonstrated a track record of exceeding engagement and revenue targets.

  • City Web

For the past 6 years, City Web has provided digital marketing and web development services in Nagpur, India. Their innovative digital marketing strategies boost your company’s online presence and help you reach out to new customers. Their 22+ digital professionals use powerful digital strategies to develop your business identification on digital channels such as smartphone advertising and any other digital medium. They have serviced over 600 satisfied customers so far.

  • Digital Kangaroos

Digital Kangaroos, based in Ludhiana, Punjab, is one of India’s leading prominent digital marketing agencies, providing solutions to small and large businesses. They provide you with the most innovative digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and SEM solutions for your business. They tailor solutions to your company’s needs and ensure that you obtain a higher return on investment. They have executed over 500 projects so far.

  • Studio Pixel

Studio Pixel is a Vizag-based digital marketing agency that has won several awards. Studio Pixel, one of Andhra Pradesh’s largest digital design and marketing businesses, employs some of the greatest web designers and web developers in the state. They have serviced over 1262 consumers in the previous ten years. Their main goal is to collaborate closely with their clients to develop distinctive websites that link them to their target consumers.

  • Indian Online Marketing

With over 12 years of expertise, Indian Online Marketing, based in Meerut, is one of the greatest digital marketing businesses in India, and they will also give an extra channel for client assistance. The firm employs the most effective and straightforward methods to rank your mobile app and increase its web presence. Their experts thoroughly investigate each customer situation to completely comprehend the client’s needs and objectives to provide a solution. Indian Online Marketing employs over 350 people and has over 4000 satisfied customers.

  • Webnox Technologies

Webnox Technologies is a web application development business based out of Coimbatore. It was founded by a group of well-experienced software enthusiasts to focus on digital marketing. They provided their employees with essential training in mobile app development, search engine optimization, and e-commerce. They give the highest quality of services, and their project team comprises full-time personnel such as programmers, analysts, designers, testers, and others who work on projects.

  • ShootOrder

ShootOrder, one of India’s best digital marketing companies, has delivered unparalleled outcomes for clients like BMW and Y-Axis. They’re best recognised for assisting their clients with content marketing, mobile and app marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. ABSL ERP, a company management software, engaged ShootOrder to design a solution to assist them to get their business in front of customers. Their team communicated the storey of how ANSL ERP software brings firms together to boost company growth through a well-designed SEO and social media campaign.

  • ShootOrder

Web development, digital marketing, and marketing automation are among Uplers’ specialities. The outsourcing team works with Disney, Amazon, and 21st Century Fox, among other top digital firms. Web development, SEO, and PPC are some of their offerings. A consultancy firm hired Uplers to help them improve their search engine ranks for particular phrases. They gave recommendations based on an SEO audit to improve the client’s website, keyword approach, and results. The team’s digital marketing efforts resulted in first page ranks in Google search results.

  • Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway, based in Madurai, India, specialises in mobile app marketing, development, and online & digital marketing solutions. They also have offices in the United States and Australia. Their IT staff of over 200 people has over 20 years of expertise. They specialise in mobile app development, whether it’s for a game or a business and whether it’s for Android or iOS. They are equally confident and capable of delivering app marketing solutions, UI/UX design, digital marketing, company consultancy, wallet integration, Blockchain development, and various other services.

  • First Launch

First Launch is a digital marketing agency established in Bangalore, India, with a London branch that provides customers with unique solutions. Clients ranging from small companies to enterprises specialise in PPC, social media marketing, content marketing solutions, and SEO solutions, focusing on content generation and local search. One of First Launch’s projects was the creation of a brand identity for Coursebook, an Indian online education platform. First Launch assisted with creating the platform’s logo, which is clean and professional in appearance.

  • Kreative Machinez

Even though their clientele includes large corporations, Kreative Machinez is an SEO firm that hasn’t lost sight of the importance of innovation and originality. This corporation situated in India assists businesses all around the world in focusing their strategies for higher success. Look no farther than Kreative Machinez’s work for their most well-known client to learn how they assist companies in engaging with their consumers in a unique and congested environment. Kreative Machinez assisted them in developing a plan for their target demographic to expand their reach.

  • Mind Mingles

Scoopify is one of Mind Mingles’ clients, and they specialise in offering their clients a design-centric approach to search engine optimization. Mind Mingles was formed in India on forward-thinking concepts with a focus on stressing the most important parts of the marketing message. Red Square went to Mind Mingles when they required a comprehensive redesign of their brand strategy. The agency gave them a comprehensive study of how they might improve the targeting, effect, and success of their strategy.

  • ShoutnHike

ShoutnHike has a long list of noteworthy clientele, including Forum Info-Tech. It’s no surprise, therefore, that this Canada-based firm’s tailored search engine optimization work has seen considerable success across a wide range of businesses. Veggie Planet, a vegetarian food company, is an example of their web development success. ShoutnHike assisted them in revitalising their materials so that they could stand out in a congested market and make a lasting impact on more clients than before.

  • HitsValue

HitsValue is a pay per click firm with an emphasis on innovation and originality. Their clientele includes significant business companies. This corporation situated in India assists businesses worldwide in focusing their strategies for higher success. Look no farther than HitsValue’s work for a toy retailer client to understand how they help businesses interact with their customers in a unique and busy environment. HitsValue assisted them in defining a plan for their target audience to increase their reach.

  • Digital Zealots

Digital Zealots is a pay-per-click and digital marketing agency that helps brands worldwide expand their businesses via digital and social media advertising. Since its inception in India, Digital Zealots has assisted a wide range of customers, from large corporations to small businesses, in strengthening its digital marketing approach and achieving tangible results. When their customer, BotSupply, needed a social media marketing firm, they came to Digital Zealots, who could work closely with their internal teams to design a pay-per-click plan and a social media marketing strategy that resulted in improved site traffic and conversion.

What Are The Services Of A Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is made up of a group of individuals who are experts in current digital marketing tactics. Instead of conventional marketing methods such as newspaper advertisements and billboards, they provide technology-based services that allow you to contact and interact with your target audience anywhere.

A digital marketing agency could provide the following digital services:

1. Strategy services 

  • Market and competitive research
  • CRM & sales funnel strategy
  • UX consulting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning & messaging
  • Automation

2. Marketing services

  • Content creation
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Branding
  • Marketing personas
  • Paid media
  • Lead nurturing
  • SEO

3. Design services

  • User testing & personas
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Graphic print design
  • Website design
  • Animations

4. Development services

  • Website building
  • Website maintenance and hosting
  • Platform and data migration
  • CRM implementation

Reasons to choose a Digital Marketing Agency in India


A digital marketing agency is knowledgeable in a wide variety of digital topics. They have a staff of well-versed professionals in their respective areas, from search engine optimization to sponsored social media and online reputation management.

As a result, investing in a digital marketing agency makes sense if you want to maximise the return on your product or service. 

New ideas

A competent team of creative, analytical, and imaginative brains can move your organisation correctly when you hire a digital marketing agency. They evaluate various quantitative indicators, work on the creative side to attract leads, and come up with fresh concepts to boost your brand’s distinctive recall value.

A focused team of experts

Because digital marketing agencies have employees with different areas of experience working together, they can stay focused on the areas that need improvement. They work tirelessly to increase your brand’s visibility and reach out to as many target groups as possible.

Relevant information

Companies must keep their prospective clients up to date. Drip marketing campaigns are a strategy used by digital marketing agencies to send information about your business to leads. Drip marketing provides information about your organisation to potential consumers over time to pique their interest in your product and convert leads into sales. Digital marketing agencies often employ other strategies to promote a business.

Proper analytical tools

As professionals in integrating various technologies to assess measurable indicators for a company efficiently, digital marketing agencies can greatly assist brands in discovering possible leads to promote their products.

Specialised market channel savvy

Digital marketing agencies are well-versed in how to place your goods most efficiently across numerous social media platforms. Digital marketing agencies are experts in determining what is ideal for you, whether it is search engine optimization or search engine marketing, paid social media or organic information distribution. They have a perfect understanding of the many media outlets, which you might not be able to grasp if you are new to the internet world. In that situation, they are a tremendous source of assistance.

Customer Resource Management

Your customers’ pulse is known to a digital marketing agency. As a result, they come up with new ideas and put them into action so that you may reach out to more people and have a beneficial influence on your business. They’re also masters at replicating your customers’ behaviour. They assist you in identifying customers who are comparable to those you currently have and focusing on producing leads to convert them into conversions who have a favourable impression of your brand.

Helps generate faster ROI

For mid-and small-sized businesses, digital marketing is a godsend. Traditional markets have a high cost of entry, and not every firm can afford to make such a large investment. Furthermore, with a slew of new start-ups on the horizon, it’s critical to invest your marketing dollars wisely. This is where a digital marketing agency can help. They can assist you with any issue relating to the internet.

What makes a good marketing agency?

A competent digital marketing agency collaborates with you throughout the process and is viewed as a partner rather than a subcontractor. A strong digital agency collaboration must be built on a solid foundation of mutual understanding and good chemistry. Here are a few characteristics that characterise a good digital agency collaboration:

1. Open communication and collaboration — Because you know your business better than anyone else, your digital agency must keep you informed and involved throughout the process. As a digital marketing professional, your agency partner should assist you in identifying your KPIs and be forthright with their recommendations from the start.

2. Trust — Rely on your agency partner to keep product-related secrets and meet deadlines.

3. Adaptability — Let your agency partner assist you in exploring new concepts that you might not have considered on your own. On the other hand, a reputable agency will ensure that your voice is heard.

4. Conflict resolution — An agency partner is there to assist you in achieving your objectives, but they won’t be able to do so if you don’t set clear expectations. Early and frequently, provide feedback, comments, and recommendations.

5. Quality time — Meetings should be held frequently to verify that everyone is on the same page and that the results meet or surpass expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best digital marketing agencies in India?

This ranking of the top 30 digital marketing agencies in India was compiled from a pool of over 200 companies. As a result, all of the digital marketing firms in India listed above are the top digital marketing firms in India. They can also give superior service in your location or state at a lower rate. We propose that you select a firm among the best digital marketing companies in India based on your business needs, budget, and location.

2. What is the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in India?

The typical cost of employing digital marketing agencies in India ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 100,000 per year for small to medium-sized firms. Furthermore, because digital marketing is made up of many sub-services, it all relies on the size and needs of your company. For example, if you want to boost your website’s online exposure, you’ll engage an SEO specialist. As a result, we’d like to point out that you may either buy digital marketing services as a package for your company or buy individual services. Simply pick the area you wish to enhance.

3. Can a digital marketing agency help you select the best package?

Yes, they can assist you in choosing the most appropriate digital marketing package for your company. However, you must first make them understand your company’s size, requirements, goal, and purpose in selecting a digital marketing service, as each company’s product, needs, and requirements are unique, and based on your explanation, they can create a package based on the areas of improvement and add-ons to make.

4. Should you hire a digital marketing agency?

Yes, if you want to grow your business and earn more revenue, you need to engage a digital marketing company. There are numerous advantages to hiring a digital marketing company, including the ability to grow your business more quickly than traditional marketing techniques, a reduction in overall monthly expenses, the ability to reach a wider range of potential customers, the ability to stay relevant in your industry, the reduction in workload, and many others. It will reduce your workload, and a professional digital marketing firm can accomplish your objectives more effectively than you can. A greater return on investment might be obtained by outsourcing the task to a digital marketing firm.


All components of online marketing, including social media, content, SEO, email, and advertising, are included in digital marketing. Your target audience uses these internet channels to find products and services. As a result, your website and brand must be visible online to stand out from the crowd.

Companies that specialise in digital marketing can help you develop a presence on one or more online marketing platforms. They may be able to help you define objectives, create a strategy, execute within a budget, and measure ROI. Whether you want to design an advertising campaign to increase website traffic, increase brand visibility on social media, or boost email efficacy, a digital marketing agency can help you achieve your goals.

India, thankfully, has several excellent digital marketing agencies from which to select. Using our directory, you can find and connect with digital marketing firms in India. Examine case studies, project categories, and client comments to determine which firm best fits you.

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