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From the Archives (October 13, 1970): Anti-English ‘Satyagraha’

A group of 36 anti-English agitators including two members of Parliament were arrested while staging a ‘satyagraha’ outside the Supreme Court to-day [October 12, New Delhi]. Those arrested included Mrs. Tarakeshwari Sinha (Cong.-O) and Mr. Ramgopal Shalwale (J.S.), both M.Ps., Mr. Sanwal Das Gupta (SSP), President of the “Angrezi-Hatao Sena”, and a few members of the Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabha. One of the five women arrested carried a child with her. For over an hour, the volunteers shouted anti-English slogans and demanded that Hindi and other regional languages be allowed in courts. They were addressed by Mr. Raj Narain M.P. (SSP), Mrs. Sinha and Mr. Shalwale. Mr. Raj Narain left the scene before the arrests were made. Mrs. Sinha said that the Chief Justice of India had “reversed” his decision to constitute a Bench of Hindi-knowing judges to hear Mr. Raj Narain last month, and this, she contended, was against the spirit of the Constitution. The satyagrahis wanted an assurance from the Chief Justice that people would be allowed to argue their cases in their own language. In a memorandum, they demanded that the Supreme Court should permit all languages being allowed to be used in Parliament.

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