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From the Archives: The Ex-Kaiser and Family. Fugitives in Holland

"What to do with the Kaiser?" is the question most keenly debated in Paris. The French press demands that the Kaiser shall be placed on trial by the free peoples for the murder of millions of men and for the ravaged towns. No agreeable retirement must be allowed him. [In London] various rumours as to the whereabouts of the German ex-Crown Prince have been set at rest by the definite report from Amsterdam that he crossed into Holland at Oudvroenhoven with suite and four automobiles and was brought to Government House at Maestricht. Apparently the authorities are considering the problem presented by the arrival of the un-welcome visitor. [According to a report from Amsterdam on November 15], three officers accompanied the Crown Prince who, on leaving Spa, motored by a circuitous route to avoid German troops. All four were disarmed by the Dutch Frontier Guards. The quartette were then provided with food and beer to which they did ample justice. The Crown Prince who appeared in an especially good fettle chatted vivaciously with the Guards, asking for all the latest from Berlin and smoking cigarettes the while. It is now certain that the Kaiser is not accompanied by any of his family. He and several German officers motored for two hours in the neighbourhood of Agrongen.

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