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From the Archives (June 2, 1971): Reluctance to transfer Fazilka

A piquant situation has arisen for the Centre following the reluctance of the Punjab Government to transfer Fazilka to Haryana, which was agreed upon when the Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, gave her award on the future of Chandigarh [New Delhi, June 1]. The tussle between the two States over Chandigarh went on for over three years when finally Mrs. Gandhi announced her verdict that the city should go to Punjab and, in return, the latter would make over the Fazilka Abhor area to Haryana. It was also agreed that Haryana would construct a new capital for which a sum of Rs. 20 crores has been promised in the agreement, and, for five years, the State also would have its capital at Chandigarh. A Boundary Commission was to be appointed to go into other territorial adjustments among Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Fazilka is to be transferred to Haryana to synchronise with the boundary adjustments recommended by the Commission. Since the award has been given, several meetings have been held by the Union Home Minister and the Prime Minister with the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana on the terms of reference to the Boundary Commission.

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