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From the Archives (July 6, 1921): How to boycott foreign goods

Mr. M.K. Gandhi writes in the “Bombay Chronicle”:- It is needless to say at this time of the day that the proposed boycott of foreign cloth is not a vindictive process, but is as necessary for national existence as breath is to life. The quicker therefore it can be brought about the better for the country. Without it Swaraj cannot be established or retained after establishment. It is of the highest importance to know how it can be brought about even before the 1st day of August next. To arrive at the boycott quickly, it is necessary for (1) the mill-owners to regularise their profits and to manufacture principally for the Indian market; (2) for importers to cease to buy foreign goods. A beginning has already been made by three principal merchants; (3) for the consumers to refuse to buy any foreign cloth and to buy Khadi whereever possible; (4) for the consumers to wear only Khadi cloth, mill cloth being retained for the poor who do not know the distinction between Swadeshi and Pardesi; (5) for the consumers to use, till Swaraj is established and Khadi manufcture increased, Khadi just enough for covering the body...

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