fifty years ago AUGUST 5, 1971 Archives

From the Archives (August 5, 1971): Moon men bring 77 kg. of rocks, soil samples

Houston, August 4: Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin collected moon rocks and soil samples totalling 77 kilos — more than Irwin’s own weight — according to latest calculations by the Space Agency last night. They gathered 13 kilos on the first excursion, 35 on the second and 29 on the third. These are net weights excluding the collection bags and storage boxes. Irwin weighs 72 kg., according to NASA, Scott 79, and Alfred Worden, the third crewman, 69. Other calculations by NASA showed that the lunar Rover covered a total distance of just under 24 km. on a “straight line map” basis — not counting hills and valleys. Its mileage counting edometer on the wheels recorded a distance of about 28 km. The Apollo 15 command ship to-day ejected a satellite into moon orbit for long-term study of the lunar environment. Mission Control to-day woke up the astronauts with a rousing blast from the theme music of the science-fiction film “2001”, about a space odyssey of the future. “Apollo-15, good morning... this is Houston with a message from (composer) Richard Strauss, (British science fiction writer) Arthur C. Clarke and (movie producer) Stanley Kubrick”, Capsule Communicator Karl Henize said at 14-30 I.S.T.

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