A hundred years ago AUGUST 4, 1921 Archives

From the Archives (August 4, 1921): Lanchashire’s protest

London, August 1: The Committee of Leading Manufacturers which has been formed to protest against the increased import duties on cotton goods into India, has sent letters to Members of Parliament, urging them to use their influence to secure full and immediate opportunity for an examination in Parliament of all the facts of the case. The signatories state that Indian markets in normal times have taken forty per cent of whole of Britain’s cotton exports but it will be impossible to preserve more than a fraction of this great business, under the oppression of these duties. With regard to the statement that the decision of these financial questions lies with India alone, the signatories declare, that constitutionally Mr. Montagu is responsible first and last and Mr. Montagu is answerable to Parliament with regard to the statement that the reforms established India as a Democratic Self-Governing country. The Signatories declare that the electors have no initiative in financial matters. Out of a population of some 250,000,000 only 900,000 are entitled to vote and at the last election only 197, 518 votes were recorded.

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