Five National records were bettered as A.V. Jayaveena of Tamil Nadu, V. Malavika and Likith S.P. of Karnataka, and Rujuta Bhatt and Viraj Prabhu of Maharashtra set new times on day two of the 39th junior National aquatics championships, here on Thursday.

Home favourite A.V. Jayaveena set her second National record in as many days as she won the 50m breaststroke event in 35.42 seconds.

Karnataka added nine more gold medals to its already rich haul of eight from the first day of the championships.

Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi won two gold medals each.

The results: (Winners only):

Boys: Group I: 1500m freestyle: A. Ajay (Kar) 17:05.42s; 200m butterfly: Mitesh Manoj Kunte (Kar) 2:09.70s; 50m breaststroke: Neil Contractor (Guj) 00:31.48s; 50m freestyle: Neil Contractor (Guj) 00:24.71s.

Group II: 800m freestyle: Md. Yaqoob Saleem (Kar) 9:13.63s; 200m butterfly: Vinayak Parihar (Del) 2:19.08s; 50m breaststroke: Likith S.P. (Kar) 0:31.41s NR (previous: Likith S.P., 0:32.46s, heat, 2012); 50m freestyle: Viraj Prabhu (Mah) 0:25.39s NR (previous: Himanshu Dhakad, Madhya Pradesh., 0:25.85s, heat, 2011).

Girls: Group I:

400m freestyle: Pratime Kollali (Kar) 4:38.62s; 200m butterfly: Rujuta Bhatt 2:25.44s NR (previous: Pooja R. Alva, Karnataka, 2:27.00s, 2007); 50m breaststroke: Priyanka Priyadarshini (Del) 0:34.68s NR (previous: Priyanka Priyadarshini, 0:34.42s, heat, 2012); 50m freestyle: Sneha. T (Kar) 00:28.43s.

Group II: 400m freestyle: V. Malavika (Kar) 4:36.05s NR (previous: Kanchi Desai, Maharashtra, 4.39:68s, 2010); 200m butterfly: Damini K. Gowda (Kar) 2.25:65s; 50m breaststroke: A.V. Jayaveena (TN) 0:35.42s NR (previous: Priyanka Priyadarshini, Delhi, 0:35.71s, 2010); 50m freestyle: Deeksha Ramesh (Kar) 0:28.81s.