Indian race walker Rani Yadav has tested positive for a banned substance. She's been suspended and could be banned for two years if found guilty

And I take that cricket victory as my exit cue. Swaroop Swaminathan is breathing down my neck, very eager to take you along to the boxing finals and a host of other high-octane events lined up for the second half of the day. You can reach him here. But I'll see you tomorrow. Adios.

Some great cricketing news. India wins the second test against Australia by 7 wickets, Sachin Tendukar scores the winning runs

14:54: Australia take the women's hockey Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2010.

14:53: Australia scores again. So does New Zealand. The last penalty shot now, and Australia scores

14:52: Australia takes the third shot, and misses! That could have been a decider. New Zealand Scores, it's Australia 2, New Zealand 1 after three shots.

14:51: Australia dont make that mistake. Australia 2, New Zealand 1. And New Zealand misses again!

14:50: Australia 1. New Zealand tries, and misses! It was a poor shot by any standards. No movement, very less speed, and predictable. The Aussie goalkeeper defends it without much ado.

14:49: The players walk in, betting their success on the shootout. Australia begins. And scores.

14:45: And that's that. The Commonwealth Games hockey final will be decided on penalties.

14:40: And the Kiwis miss a chance, a much better one, right in the D. Two minutes of play left, it's shootouts after that.

14:38: Australians have a chance, a long shot, and it turns out to be jsut that.

14:36: Many attempts, no goals yet. The second half of extra time has already begun. The players are tired. But you never know when second wind will take over.

14:32: The New Zealanders making the most of extra time, attacking constantly. A couple of good attempts, but Australia pulls up its socks in the D. free hit to New Zealand.

14:25: First half of half-time, Kiwis and Aussies level at 2 goals each. This game knocking on the doors of the men's semi-final encounter yesterday. Not quite there in terms of thrill, but definitely in the vicinity.

14:24: But they earn a penalty corner in the next attempt. Will they put it in? They do1 New Zealand equalises the score. They're level with Australia at full time. Extra Time, for a Golden goal now.

14:22: Another effort, but the Kiwi, more intent on earning a penalty corner, dallies in the D and loses a golden opportunity.

14:20: Spirited last ditch effort, blocked by the Australians.

14:17: The bite is gone from the New Zealand attack, there's only desparation now.

14:16: And New Zealand miss that chance, Australia successful in blocking that attack. Sprightly goalkeeping.

14:14: Australia have meanwhile scored another goal. New Zealand struggling with 8 minutes left in the Hockey final. Penalty corner to New Zealand, an illegal block by Australia.

14:12: Match point to Singapore. And Achanta exits. A tremendous fight, but Yang Ze proved a better contender and goes through to the finals.

14:11: Yang Ze back from a break, and back with a bang. takes two quick points. A wily return from Achanta, 9-9.

14:10: Another point for Achanta, who forced an error out of the Singaporean. A one-point lead, 8-7. The crowd trying to tip the balance now.

14:09: Achanta looks collected, no signs of nervousness yet. But he loses a point. And an error from Yang Ze, 7-7. That's 3 games all, 7 all in the final game.

14:07: But back to the Achanta-Yang Ze match. The players have won 3 games each. The final game, a nailbiting decider. Yang Ze leading 6-5. He serves, and it's 6 all. Amazing return by Achanta.

14:03: And New Zealand score and equaliser in the women's hockey finals. Australia ups the pressure, but the game looks well-matched at this stage. 16 minutes of play left.

13:57: Men's singles 50m rifle prone event. India's Hariom Singh in 8th place, Narang failed to qualify. Jonathan Hammond strong in the lead.

13:56: A quick look at the women's Hockey final encounter. No change in the second half, the Kiwis still playing second fiddle to the Aussies. 25 minutes of play left.

13:55: Match point, and Achanta makes no mistake, a lead of 3 games to two, one more game and Achanta through to the finals in the men's singles table tennis.

13:52: Now that's what happens when you step out. Singles table tennis, Achanta versus SIngapore's Yang Ze, 2 games each

Alright, I'm stepping out to grab a bite, will see you very soon. Don't go away.

13:36: Free hit for New Zealand, just 30 seconds left, but pushed to safety. And that's half time.

13:35: New Zealand's Lucy Talbot gets a green card, asked to sit ou two minutes. She flung her stick, probably in frustration.

13:30: Less than four minutes of play left in the first half, New Zealand yet to equalise the Aussie Goal.

It's an Indian race walker who's failed the dope dest. AP reports - Indian race walker Rani Yadav has tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone, becoming the third person at the Commonwealth Games to be caught doping.

The Commonwealth Games Federation says Yadav, who was sixth in the women’s 20—kilometer walk on Saturday, has been provisionally suspended from the event.

Yadav could be banned for two years if found guilty.

13:25: Anna Thorpe takes the shot, the goalkeeper defends it, a struggle in the D, another shot, defended again, and the Australians push it back. Safe.

13:24: Oh, penalty corner for the Kiwis, a real chance here, the ball is pushed, now the shot, it bounces off an Aussie foot. Another penalty corner for New Zealand.

13:22: Kiwis on the offensive now, Allison attacks, passes to Nicholson, they're in the D, but no score.

13:18: A little over 18 minutes left in the first half. relentless Aussie attack, strong New Zealand defence.

13:17: Let's kip over to a hockey match now, the women's final. Love this game. Australians up 1-0 against New Zealand.

13:15: The 11th rider, Lawrence Lupp, from the Bahamas, rides away. He's the second rider from the Bahamas to participate.

13:11: It's important, the equipment. The aerodynamic helmet, carbon disc rear wheel, can make a difference of more than a minute over the distance of the race. The Indians have the right bikes and helmets. The test is to their lungs now.

13:03: The men's event is on a 40km track, versus the women's 29km version. And there's Amandeep Singh, his equipment looks fine versus the Kenyans'. And he's off. Looks impressive from above the track.

12:58: The Men's time trial cycling event about to begin now. India's Amandeep, Atul Kumar and Sombir hoping to make a mark. David Miller from Scotland is the favourite in this event. Miller was outstanding in the road race.

12:52: Elsewhere, England claimed bronze in the women's hockey after beating South Africa 1-0

12:42: India fights back, 7-8 in this set. Roy smashed back, 9-7 lead to Singapore.

12:33: And the Singaporean quickly wraps up the third game. India outclassed in this encounter.

12:32: India's S. Roy facing off Singapore's Gao in a singles badminton match. Gao has two games, and is leading by a point in the third game. Fightback from Roy, equalises with 8-8.

12:17: Last shot - Heena disappointed, shoots a 9.4 again. Pei Chin shoots a 9.1, but she's still in the lead. And Malaysia takes Gold in the 10m air pistol. Heena Sidhu wins silver. Australian Dina Aspendiarova grabs bronze.

12:15: Last two shots now. Heena buckles, with a 9.4. Pei Chin takes her time, scores a 9.9. Lead of 0.6 points now.

12:13: The next shot goes awry for India, Heena shoots 9.7, Pei 10.2. Ninth competition shot, Pei Chin takes top spot, ahead of Heena by just 0.1 point. Tough contest for Gold.

12:10: India's Annu Raj Singh in fourth position. A good fifth shot, but still a little away from the rest of the pack. Heena scores 10.1 in the sixth shot. But Malaysia's Pei Chin shoots a brilliant 10.7, closes in.

12:08: Not a great fourth shot, at 9.3, but Heena still in the lead. Fifth shot, and she's back on track. 10.6 again.

12:05: Six medals to be won in shooting today, are the Indian women on target? It appears they are. Pistolier Heena Sidhu leads the 10m air pistol pack. 10.6 on the third competition shot.

12:02: Medal ceremony at the cycling time trail event. The Canadian Tara Whittens is all smiles as her national anthem is played.

11:53: Malaysian Tze ooi still not quite getting his line right, hits the water. That was his last dive.

11:49: Matthew Mitcham shows how it's done. Complicated affair, two reverse twists and a one and a half somersault, but he had time for it all.

11:48: Eric Sehn with a reverse three and a half. Great take-off, but his legs wouldn't listen to him, and they make a splash.

11:45: Oh, India's Puskar botches it. Himanshi not doing much better. A simple dive, a two and a half pike.

11:41: Diving. Malaysia's Bryan redeems himself, brilliant four and half tuck, excellent entry.

11:39: And the final figures are in, Canada's Tara Whittens takes Gold, with a timing of 38.59.30, New Zealand's Linda Villumsen silver, England's Julia Shaw settles for bronze

11:36: England's Emma Pooley powers hard, but she might not even get a medal this time. Pooley lost time on the return leg, way down in the rankings now.

11:33: Back to some cycling action now. New Zealand's Holt finishes second, Canada's Whitten finishes on top, England's Houvenaghel third for a few seconds.

11:32: Malaysia's Tze Ooi. Misjudges the entry. Not going too well for him.

11:27: Aussie Matthew Mitcham, brilliant reverse tuck. Daley on top, Mitcham in second. Indians in 10 and 11.

11:23: Puskar Meitei of India, three and a half pike. Decent dive. Scores a 7, score now 60. Himanchu Tiwari now. Triple tuck, but over rotates, makes a nasty splash.

11:23: Young James Conner from Australia. Great technique, but he overcooks the dive, slams his feet into the water.

11:20: England's Daley does it again. Brilliant triple reverse tuck. Brilliant entry, as ever. England setting the bar. Max Brick does a superb triple tuck, but the judges aren't as impressed.

11:16: A triple back tuck by Malaysia's Brian Nickolson. Oh, botched the entry.

11:10: Aquatics. England's Daley executes a picture perfect dive from 10 metres. Rotations with legs fully extended, brilliant entry. England's Max matches his teammate, brilliant three and a half tuck.

11:01: New Zealand's Holt beats that time, by over 26 seconds.

11:01: Canada's E. Roth closes the half-mark in just a over 17 minutes. That's 14.5km in 17 minutes. The quickest time recorded so far.

10:51: Staying on track, India's Helen crossed the half-way mark in a tad under 20 minutes. Not too bad.

If the athlete in question is a medal winner, it would be heartbreaking for Indian fans. This edition of the Commonwealth Games has been memorable for all the right reasons so far.

BREAKING NEWS - AP Reports: An Indian track athlete tests positive for doping, says Commonwealth Games Federeration president.

10:48: Australia's champion racer Ruth Corset. She grew up in Queensland and is quite used to tropical climates. She should do well here.

The Noida Expressway has been blocked for this event. An impressive sight from above. One minute takes the racers quite far.

10:46: Canada's Wilcock, who finished fourth, starts off. Time trail is really a specialist's race, so road race positions may or may not hold water in this event.

10:44: We'll have some time checks at the half way mark, which will give a fair idea of where each rider stands.

10:41: The first eight racers hadn't taken finished the road race. The champions spin out now.

10:38: Kenya's Kamau starts off now. India's Sunita Devi off to a steady start now.

Disc wheel over spokes can make a difference of up to 3 seconds a minute. The teardrop helmet helps too.

10:36: India's Panna Chaudhary starts off, audience cheering her on. The rider's equipment as well as the position is very, very crucial. Aerodynamics is everything.

10:34: India started off first, Srilanka's Gunatilaka rides off now. This is an individual event, no team support, no slipstream to beneft from.

10:30: A women's time trail cycle race in progress. India's in too. It's a 29km race, each racer against the clock. The competitors start at 1 minute intervals. India's Helen in contention too.

10:24: Samaresh Jung has just won bronze in the 25m men's standard pistol.

10:24: Canadian Jennifer Abel shows some gold-winning stuff with that dive.

10:22: Aussie Stratton marking her spot for tonight's final. Brilliant somersault and double twist. Canada's Emily Heymans executes a near perfect trible backflip.

10:16: Canada's Pamela Ware pulls off a good dive, the Indian plays it very safe. Aussie Annabelle hits the water harder than she planned.

10:14: And with that, India guaranteed a silver medal, will have to fight for Gold.

10:13: England defends the match point, one more chance, and India wins!

10:12: Achanta finds a gap, India 9-5. A real, real chance here. Baggeley's return into the net. Match point

10:11: Pitchford goes long, 7-4. Fighting return by Baggaley, 7-5.

10:10: Back to table tennis. Decider, final game for a place on the podium India leading by one point, 5-4, good serve by achanta, 6-4.

10:08: Canadian Pamela Ware, blotched entry. Australian Anabelle Smith, not finding her line. Not having a good day, the divers.

10:06: Quick look at aquatics. 3m springboard. India's Hrutika Shriram, for a back one and a half. Not a bad entry, much better show than yesterday.

10:05: Pitchford misses Achanta's serve. There's going to be a fifth decider. India will serve first.

10:04: Saha serves to pitchford, Baggaley's backhand goes long. 10-10. It's on now. Pitchford's shot goes long, advantage India.

10:03: They're back, and Indians level the score. India to serve now. Great shot by Baggaley, match point to England.

10:02: Fightback from the English, a brilliant shot from Achanta, a long one from Saha. England ahead 9-8. Another break called.

9:59: India rallies around, 6-4 now. England call for a break.

9:56: Fourth game on now, England leading 3-1. Great shot from Achanta, India 2-3, but he follows it up with a shot to the net. England up another point.

9:53: India trailing 6-10. Game point to England. Broken by India, 7-10 now. Achanta's return goes long, England leads 2 games to one.

9:52: Brilliant smash from Pitchford, an unforced error from Saha. England 7-5. Unforced error from Baggaley,

9:50: Lack of coordination among the Indian pair, and Baggaley and Pitchford lead 4-1. Oh, Achanta chips in, brings it to 4-3.

9:47: Gamepoint to India, England defends it successfully. The audience eggs the Indians on. A good rally, and India takes the game. One game all now.

9:45: Some unforced errors by the English, and the lead is real now, 9-5. Achanta in form

9:40: India off to a bad start. England take the first game, India leading marginally in the second.

9:30: Let's go indoors now, and what have we? A ping pong delicacy - the men's doubles semi-finals, Achanta dna Saha take on England's Baggaley Pitchford for a guaranteed medal. The English open the attack, score a quick 3 points.

9:26: But they get their act together. A beautiful shot, barely a foot from the jack. They lead against Australia 7-1 now.

9:20: And the Aussies follow it up with two more great shots. Kiwis make a couple of unforced error, miss the target altogether

9:15: Oh, a comeback. The Australians hit the jack, and both balls roll into the ditch. A difficult shot to beat.

9:12: The Kiwis doing even better in this next game, getting the bowl significantly closer to the jack

9:05: Australia facing off with New Zealand in teh Lawn Bowl event. New Zealand leading 2-0 in the first set.

A very good morning to you all. The day hasn't really begun in the Commonwealth Games village, but there's a lot to look forward to. In case you missed the eight medals we won yesterday, or that scintillating hockey semi-final, you can find it here and here. For those of you worried about the trickle of Gold over the past two days, here's what you need to know.

Three Golds medals to be won by our pugilists today, after three others settled for bronze earlier in the week.

India had some very proud moments yesterday, and key among them was the women's 4x400m relay Gold. Yes, I didn't make a typo, India did win an athletics Gold. Here's how that happened. But the Kenyans took the lion's share of Gold in track and field.

But there's also a dark side to the track. 100m spring winner Odulamola has been stripped of her Gold after her doping test came back positive.

After some encouraging performances by India earlier on, gymnastics looked like a likely field to earn some medals, but the competition proved too stiff. India finished a decent fifth.

Some action in the pool as well. Acquatics finals in the 3m springboard and 10m diving events. It waits to be seen if Despatie's thirst for Gold is quenched.

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