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CWG, Final day - As it happened

Apologies. I have just been informed that the closing ceremony is scheduled to start only 19:00 IST. Join Ashwin Achal at about 18:45 hrs IST for the closing ceremony.

Right... that's about that for all the action from the 19th Commonwealth Games. Do not forget to join my colleague Ashwin Achal for the closing ceremony in about thirty minutes.

TIme for the presentation ceremony for the women's singles in badminton at the Siri Fort Sports Complex. Saina has had a brillinat year so far and she has now added a gold medal at the CWG to add to her credentials.

The crowd erupts as Saina is presented with the gold. And the national anthem of India resonates around the arena. That's the 38th time that has happened in this Games.

Saina beats Wong 19-21, 23-21, 21-13. She had to come back from the dead as Wong had a match point in the second set.

15:23 Another Wong unforced error has given the match, the gold and the second place in the medals table to India. Sensational stuff from Saina, who was down one set to nil.

15:21 Sensational stuff from Saina who plays a perfectly weighted long shot into the Malaysian's court to get eight match points.

15:20 A few unforced errors from Wong has gives Saina a huge 19-12 lead in the third.

15:17 Both players opting to leave a lot of shots hoping that the shuttle does not catch the paint. Saina leads 14-11 in the third.

15:11 As the match trundles past the hour mark, Saina reaches 10 points for the game with a smash which Wong has no answer to. 10-7 Saina.

15:10 Wong is back into it with two straight points of her own but Saina bludgeons a smash which goes past Wong. 9-6 to Saina in the third.

15:08 A run of five straight points by Saina is checked. But the Indian does lead 8-4.

15:06 Another exhausting rally ends when Wong just misses the line. Saina leads 6-3.

15:03 Both the players have been flirting with the lines and this time it is Saina's turn to find the line. 2-2 in the deciding set.

15:01 Incredible. One more unforced error from Saina gives the Malaysian a match point but Saina goes deep into her reserves to first save the match point before earning a set point. Moments later, the Malysian finds the net for a 23-21 loss. Saina is still in this. The commentator says "the dream lives on".

15:00 Saina plays with the line with an incredulous smash and gets the point to earn a set point. But she balloons the next return to tie the set at 20-20. Tension, anyone?

14:57 The Malaysian is on a little run here before the tieing the set at 18-18 apiece. Moments later, Saina produces a gem of a lob to take a lead.

14:52 Oh dear. Wong makes two unforced errors to hand Saina a three point (17-14) advantage.

14:50 Saina is making Wong work incredibly hard but the Malaysian is equal to the task. 15-13 in favour of Saina.

14:48 Saina was on an incredible run of 6 straight points but the Malaysian stops the rot. It's now 14-11 in favour of Saina

14:45 An absolutely sensational rally sees Wong finally end it when she kisses the sideline just to Saina right. There were at least 26 strokes in that rally. Moments later, Saina gets the tape to tie the second set 10-10.

14:40 Saina plants a brilliant down the line smash into the corner of Wong's right hand line to take an 8-6 lead.

14:38 It is now 4-4 in the second set but the Malaysian is interested in extending every rally.

14:36 Saina is looking a bit nervous and a bad error in judgement opens Wong's account in the second set.

14:34 Saina saves the next two set points but the Malaysian gets it right at the third time of asking. She takes the first set 21-19.

14:32 This is already turning into a humdinger. The Malaysian is leading 20-17 but there has some intense rallies and smashes.

14:30 The Malaysian has slowly but surely gained an upper hand in the first set. She's leading 18-15 in the first set.

14:28 Unbelievable rally culminates when Wong hits wide. Still 16-13 to the Malaysian.

14:25 Wong now leads 13-11 but had a 13-9 lead some moments back. It's been like a chess match so far with both players opting for the feelers rather than the aggressive smash or the dead drops.

14:20 That's more like it from Saina. Two smashes gets the Indian back in contention but the Malaysian still leads 9-8 in the first.

14:17 The Malaysian is quick to assert her authority with a classy smash and follows it up by an excellent point on the net to take a slender 6-4 lead in the first set.

14:12 Up and running in the women's final between Saina and Wong. The Indian currently leading 3-1 in the first set.

Before the women's badminton final starts (between Saina and Wong Mew Choo of Malaysia), I'm duty bound to give an update on the medals tally.

It's currently England with 37 golds and 58 silvers. India, also, on 37 golds and but just 27 silvers. So the mathematics is fairly simple. If Saina wins India will move upto 38 golds and second in the medals position. If she does not win the gold, England will remain in second position on account of them having one more silver medals.

Some update from the netball final between Australia and New Zealand. Australia leading the Kiwis 23-20.

13:56 Achanta has absolutely dominated Roy in the bronze medal match and has taken the match and the bronze medal 11-8,11-5,12-10,11-9

13:55 India does have the chance to overhaul England in the medals tally as Malaysia has beaten England in straight sets to claim gold in the men's double in badminton 21-19, 21-14.

The national anthem of Australia goes around the Major Dhyan Chand national stadium. And deservedly. They were stunning over the course of the last two weeks and dominated India from start to finish today.

The Indian men's hockey team receiving the silver medal in hockey. If you have not heard yet, Australia beat India 8-0 (for people who want to read how that happened, I invite you scroll down for details).

CGF President >Michael Fennel has labelled the Delhi Games a success.

13:32 Sharath Kamal and Soumyadeep Roy battling it out for the bronze medal in the men's singles in TT. Currently Achanta leads the encounter after taking the first set 11-8.

13:30 England led Malaysia 19-18 at one stage but three unforced errors has handed Malaysia the first set 21-19.

13:27 It's neck and neck with England taking the odd lead. England runs up to a 16-13 lead before Malaysia claws their way back to win four of the next five points. It's now 17-17 in the first.

Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark representing England while Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong representing Malaysia.

13:22 The men's doubles final in badminton between England and Malaysia has already started. England leading malaysia 12-11.

Hello and good afternoon. This is Swaroop Swaminathan and I will be bringing you all the badminton action as my colleague Anand Venkateswaran has stepped out for a bit.

13:10: There's something more to look forward to, however. Saina Nehwal will play her arch rival, Malaysian Mei Wong for the badminton women's singles gold medal

13:06: The Prime Minister offers some words of encouragement to the Indians. They'll need it after being mowed down. Coach Brasa looking solemn as he shakes hands with Dr. Singh

13:01: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is at the Dhyanchand stadium, to congratulate the Australians and the Indians as well, on an impressive performance so far

12:54: India have still secured their first medal, a silver, in the Commonwealth Games

12:51: 40 seconds left, Rajpal with the ball, secures a free hit. Last 10 seconds, Turner with the ball, attacks, sees his chance, scores! If the first seven goals were a stab, that last goal in the last 10 seconds was a painful twist. Australia 8-0, Gold winners by a mile and a half in the Commonwealth Games men's hockey.

12:49: A chance for India, Dharamveer misses it. A good save by the goalkeeper. That was the closest India came to goal in this match

12:47: The Australian defence holds strong, a quick counter attack, Dwyer has a chance, takes a chance, and scores. Australia 7-0. But the attack continues, Australia looks for another one

12:43: India taakes a shot at goal, with 7 minutes to go. Indians looking to salvage some pride, make a gritty attack, but the shot goes to the side

12:42: A counter attack by India, Shivendra spends too much time wiht the ball, the Australians are upon him, the ball is deflected

12:40: Australia immediately on the attack, Brilliant attack from Turner, past Chetri, another goal to Australia. Less than 10 minutes of play left.

12:39: Sarvanjit appeals for a penalty corner, and India has a chance. Sandeep takes position again, but the ball blocked with ease.

12:37: Rajpal takes the ball forward, passes it to Sarvanjit, who couldn't capitalise

12:36: A chance for India, in the D, a reverse shot, and it goes above. India getting desparate now. Counter attack, Turner pushes ahead, deflected.

12:35: Vikram Pillai makes a grab for it, but he's checked, and Turner is now at it again

12:33: And Australia score again. Bharat gets a foot on the ball, but's not enough. Australia 5-0

12:32: Another penalty corner for Australia, Gurbaj protests, overruled, Australia takes the shot, scramble, Bharat lies on top of the ball, not allowed. Australia get another penalty corner

12:30: The game's pace slows down a bit, India looking for an opening. An opening, Sandeep Singh has a shot, takes a shot, but superb save by the goalkeeper. India still nil

12:28: Danger for India, Dwyer has a clear shot at goal, but misses

12:27: Free hit to Australia on the dotted line, ball into the D now, deflected. Another chance for India, scuffle in the D, Shivendra disappointed

12:24: Dhananjay, Sandeep, Rajpal, inside the D now, to late, the Aussies are already there

12:23: Another attempt from Gurbaj, smashes the ball to the side of the goal, not getting the angle right

12:22: Danish smashes it across the D, checked by Australia. Gurbaj makes an attempt, but he's too closely marked, and misses.

12:20: Close call for India, Turner on the attack, great save by Bharat Chetri

12:17: Glen Turner, Danish, Sandeep Singh, free hit to India, Sarvanjit takes it. Sardar pushes through an Australian defence, pushes the ball out.

12:17: A corner for India, Halappa takes the corner, comes to naught

12:15: The second half in progress. Australia in possession, a chance for India, Shivendra Singh unmarked, deflected

There's also the gymnastics finals in progress. Malaysia's Elaine Koon won the rhythmic gymnastics Gold with her hoop routine. Wales' Francesca Jones took silver.

12:09: Earlier on in the day, the Kiwis beat england to take bronze, not before a >shootout.

12:06: And it's half time. Four goals piled on the Indian team. Australia began the attack a little later, kept it up all through, reaped the rewards, in spite of Bharat Chetri's hard work. India missed their penalty corner, Australia took all of theirs

12:04: A minute and half left, Australia prepares to take the shot, smacks it in. Australia 4-0, a shot not even an inch above ground level

12:03: Dharamveer Singh, Sandeep, back to Australia, Turner takes possession, free hti to Australia at the dotted line, penalty corner to Australia again.

12:02: India with the ball, Danish makes an attempt, the umpire blows his whistle, that was an illegal block by Danish

12:00: Five minutes to go, "Move the ball," shouts Brasa. Leon, Turner in the D, free hit to Australia just outside the D, deflected.

11:59: Australia 3-0 in the first half of this game. Keeping up the pressure, Indians losing the rhythm.

11:58: A real chance for India, Tushar, misses. Australia counter-attack, Wilson scores! Top right side of the goal.

11:55: 10 minutes left in the first half. Australia marking the ball excellently, bullying into any spaces the Indians might have made for themselves.

11:54: Badminton: A necessary detour here. Jwala and Ashwini have just won Gold for India in the badminton women's doubles. Will get you the details a little later

11:53: Another lightning quick attack from Australia, in the D, the goal left open, and deflected, just in time.

11:51: But Cirello scores this time. A powerful strike, Bharat flummoxed this time. 20 minutes gone, and Australia up 2-0.

11:50: Australia counterattack, earn a penalty corner off an illegal obstruction. A wonderful save by Bharat. But the ball hits an Indian player, another penalty corner.

11:48: A surprise goal, India clueless in the D, Turner comes in hard again, blocked. Danger again, Rajpal, racing down the field, brilliant pass to Shivendra, who spends too much time taking aim, and the ball is deflected.

11:47: Counter attack by Australia, pushed through, and Australia scores! Ockendale hit the ball, which deflected of Sandeep's stick, and went right by Bharat.

11:46: Sandeep Singh, Dhananjay. A push, wasted. The ball flies up, a free hit to India.

11:45: Sandeep Singh puts it into the D, and India awarded a penalty corner. The first of the day

11:44: India having the lions share of possession so far.

11:42: Ric Charlesworth, the Australia coach, looks on. You will remember Ric as the former coach of the Indian hockey team. Had a tumultuous reign in India.

11:40: Brilliant pass to Gurbaj, into the D, but pushed away. Hammond with the ball, calls for a penalty corner, the umpire not impressed

11:38: Free hit to India, Sandeep Singh with the ball, Glen turner gets posession, inaccurate pass. Surinder Singh with teh ball.

11:36: Arjun Singh in mid-field, Sardar now,

11:35: Sardar Singh makes a push, the Aussies push it back, a counter attack now from Australia, great tackle from Sardar and Arjun

11:30: The crowd counts down, and the game is on. Danish wins a free hit. Sarvanjit plays with the ball near the dotted line

11:30: Coach Brasa looks at his team. No doubt a hundred play strategies flitting around in his mind

11:28: The Indian national anthem. The Indian hockey team has already made history by securing a silver in the Commonwealth Games. But gold is tantalisingly close

11:26: We have to step outdoors for a minute. Australia and India lining up for the hockey finals. The Australian anthem being played now. A strong, determined team.

11:25: Badminton: Well placed by Ashwini, India takes the first game

11:24: Badminton: Yao serves, a long rally, a series of smashes by Ashwini, and the last one slams into the floor, 19-16. Ashwini gets lucky agani, shuttles bounces off the net, tips over, 20-16.

11:22: Badminton: Unforced error from Sari, 18-15. A long rally, Ashwini misses, 18-16

11:21: Badminton: India keep up the attack, Yap expecting a hard smash, Jwala slowing it down, India 17-12. Sari takes Jwala's blind side, 17-13. Another unforced error, 17-14. Jwala hits the net, 17-15.

11:19: Badminton: Sari sends the shuttle zooming, Singapore 11-14. Quick wristwork from Jwala near the net, India 15-11.

11:18: Badminton: Aggressive rally from the Singaporeans, Yao smashes, Jwala returns long, misjudged, Singapore botches the return, India 14-10

11:17: Badminton: They're back, 12-10 India. Jwala serves. Great net work, Jwala drops it gently between Yao and Sari. 13-10 India.

11:16: Badminton: Excellent push by Jwala, 11-10 into the break.

11:15: Badminton: Well placed by Ashwini, 10-9. Good judgment from Jwala, the shuttle just missed the sideline. 10-10.

11:14: Badminton: Confusion, clever placing by Singapore, 9-8. Misjudged by Ashwini, 10-8

11:13: Badminton: Ashwini gets lucky as a smash hits the net and tips over, India 7-7. Smash mid court by Yao, Singapore 8-7.

11:12: Badminton: Well-placed by Jwala this time, 5-5.

11:11: Badminton: Bad judgment, the shuttle was in, Singapore 5-3. Another smash from Ashwini, 5-4

11:10: Badminton: Ashwini makes amends, India 1-4. Another great return, 2-4. And a powerful smash from Ashwini, 3-4.

11:09: Badminton: Unforced errors from the Indians early on, Singapore 3-0

11:08: Badminton: But before that final hockey match, let's join Jwala and Ashwini on their quest for Gold against Singapore's Yao and Sari.

11:06: Shade scores for New Zealand! The Kiwis take the bronze medal. England player lose once again, in a penalty shootout. Silver for the New Zealand women, bronze for the men.

11:05: And Hawyward scores for New Zealand. 4-2 now. Jackson for England, roof of the net, tricky goal, scores.

11:04: Shaw for New Zealand, takes the top right hand side, scores easily. Dyckson for England, misses! Superb save, the goalkeeper had judged it brilliantly.

11:03: Captain Burrows scores for New Zealand. Richard Mantel for England, scores. 2-2.

11:02: Richard Smith will take on Kyle, accomplished New Zealand keeper. Smith scores. The shot stays low, but Cousins; was better.

11:00: Penalty shootout for bronze; the players amble onto the greens. The Kiwis will begin, Dean Cousins takes the first shot, and scores.

10:54: A corner to England, free hit to England, and the hooter sounds. This match will go to a shootout as well

10:53: A little over a minute left, a good attack from England, but it's hit wide, grazes the goal post. Another free hit to England, Richard Mantel takes it, Jackson looking to consolidate, eight seconds left, a New Zealander down, play stopped.

10:51: Mantel and Jackson at it again, takes a hit, the ball raises, above knee level, and the unpire calls it a foul. Free hit to New Zealand.

10:50: Pushed, deflected, but no score. Another attack, great skill from Jackson, and another penalty corner for England. They're coming in thick and fast.

10:48: New Zealand attack, England's counter attack, Jackson in the D, another illegal block, a Kiwi boot blocks the ball, and another golden opportunity for England, this time for a golden goal

10:46: England in control of the ball, an attack on New Zealand's flanks.

10:44: No they don't. And the first half of extra time is up. Scores still even.

10:42: Another illegal block by New Zealand, another penalty corner to England. Middleton, Jackson, Lester, Alexander, all in a huddle. Will England score the golden goal?

10:41: Back to Hockey. It's extra time, first half, and the scores are still even. An attack from New Zealand, they get the ball in! Bu the umpire not impressed. The ball raised dangerously, he ruled, and the goal was disallowed.

10:38: Badminton: Jenny fights back, but Malaysia now at 19-12. Robertson misses again, 20-12. Match point. And the Malaysians are the mixed doubles Gold medallists. England takes silver, Singapore had won bronze.

10:35: Badminton: Wallworth late again on the return, 16-8. Looks like they've got Wallworth marked. A long return, Robertson misreads it, hit it outside.

10:34: Badminton: Short rally, excellent smash mid-court by Koo. 13-8 Malaysia. Dark horses of the Commonwealth Games, this un-seeded Malaysian pair.

10:32: Badminton: Malaysia have taken the first game, leading 10-8 in the second. Chin serves with a new shuttle. And an excellent return. 11-8.

10:29: The last minute. Thirty seconds, Jackson attacks, and the hooter sounds.

10:28: A close one from England, but pushed away. Alexander fights for the ball, burrows keeps possession. New Zealand get physical again, James Tindall shouldered in the face.

10:26: About three minutes of play left, extra time looks likely. Both teams on the defensive, a single goal could finish this match off.

10:23: Only six minutes of play left, Kiwis working extra hard, England defensive now. A quick attack, Tindall earns a long corner

10:20: The manpower shortage proving expensive to New Zealand.

10:19: James and Mantel give it another push, Middleton pushes, Jackson diverts it, Mantel scores again! New Zealand 3, England 3.

10:18: New Zealand looking tired, they've had to play with only 9 outfield players since Edward was carded. Alexander makes an illegal block, free hit to New Zealand.

10:16: A penalty corner to England, and Simon Mantel scores! The ball was marked well and given on to him by the elder Mantel.

10:14: Badminton: Ouch, Jenny smashes one right into Koo. She'd planned that. England 12-14. And Chin responds in kind, smashes one on Wallworth.

10:12: Badminton: It's 11-11 in the mixed doubles final. And Malaysia inches ahead, a lighting smash from Koo, 13-11. Great judgment from Chin, leaves a shuttle, watches it drop outside. 14-11

10:10: One of the umpires thought he saw Hayden Shaw hit Middleton. It was Edwards who hit him, as the replay shows. And the right man is finally punished. A yellow card for Edwards, who will sit out for five minutes at least.

10:08: Oh, a physical challenge by New Zealand, Middleton is down, he's bleeding. That's three blood injuries for England in the second half.

10:06: No change in hockey, England smashing against the New Zealand wall, with little success. Great passes from jackson, never fully converted by the strikers.

10:06: Badminton: Malaysia retaliate, England fumbles a drop shot, 2-5 now.

10:04: Badminton: England opens the account, Jenny Wallworth, the woman in the pair, ignites early, some excellent returns and sharp serves later, England 5-0.

10:02: Indoors, the badminton finals are on now. Let's switch back and forth, shall we? The mixed doubles match about to begin, Malaysia face off with England. Koo and Chin, Robertson and Wallworth. No points for guessing which pair is Malaysian.

9:59: The Kiwis really don't need to engage in all this pushing and shoving. Someone tell them they're in the lead, please.

9:56: Slap shot from Wilson, a chance for England. They get a corner, a free hit as well now, taken very fast, free hit again, an illegal stick check, and a penalty corner.

9:55: England unable to capitalise. The ball stayed in the D for an age, but the attack was thwarted. Kiwis counter-attack.

9:53: Excellent skil from the English, they've been rewarded with a penalty corner. Mantel ready to push, Jackson looking to score.

9:51: Kiwis with a real lead in this match. But there's an entire half left to play, and the Indians levelled the score against England under similar circumstances.

9:47: Oops, another penalty stroke awarded to New Zealand, after the English goalee made an illegal stick obstruction. And the Kiwis score.

And there's also the badminton finals coming up in a while. The Indian men shuttlers were beaten in the semis and played each other for bronze. >Kashyap won that encounter with Chetan Anand. Gold hopes now from Saina Nehwal in the singles and Jwala-Ashwini in the women's doubles.

9:42: Earlier in the day, Kenyan Kelai won the men's marathon. >Here's how he made history.

Hockey action has been out of the world during the games. India will take on Australia in under two hours. India are going to have to fire on all cycinders to make a dent on the Aussie armour. The >Australians drubbed New Zealand 6-2 in the semis, while India won by a whisker in a >shootout with England. But the Indians have for the first time assured themselves of a place in the podium in Commonwealth Hockey, and we can expect a blockbuster match in the >finals.

9:38: And the hooter signals the end of the first half. England 1, New Zealand 2.

9:37: An illegal obstruction by the Kiwis, England given a chance to settle scores. Mantel ready to push the ball, a scuffle, and the Kiwis block it

9:34: False start, the referee blows hs whistle. They take the penalty corner again. A push, and the English block it. A missed opportunity for New Zealand

9:30: And what have we here - a battle for hockey bronze between New Zealand and England. The Kiwis leading 2-1, awarded another penalty corner

9:22: The Namibian Naigambo finishes fourth, records her best time yet. No mean feat, considering she didn;t finish the race four years ago

9:21: The Kenyans are ecstatic, an emotion quite familiar in athletics in these Commonwealth Games

9:20: The last few hundred metres, and for the first time, a Kenyan woman finishes on top, Mogake claims silver. Lisa Weitman battles humidity and some rough patches in the race, comes up from behind, and wins bronze

The final day is revving up with this dramatic race. There's the badminton finals within the hour, and and the hockey finals soon after.

9:17: Weitman, who started off as the strongest contender, clearly in bronze

9:16: Irene rounds the bend. Taking long, smooth strides, closing in on the Commonwealth title fast, in spite of that nasty fall she had early on in the race.

9:14: Less than two kilometres to go, Irene and Magaka in battle of wills. Oh, but from above, the gap looks to be about 30 metres. Irene in the lead.

9:05: Weitman looks at her watch, she can see the two taller Kenyans, not too far in front, about 40 seconds behind.

India had a good haul yesterday, with four Golds, three of them in boxing and one in an incredible table tennis final.

While we wait for this race to come to its close, you can take a quick peek at what you missed of Day 10 >here and >here.

8:59: Irene confers with Magake, takes the lead, bidding to be the first Kenyan woman to take the Commonwealth marathon

8:59: Weitman breaks the Namibian, surges ahead, secures a place on the podium. There's still 20 minutes of running to go, and it looks like the Aussie isn't going to be satisfied with bronze

8:57: Weitman makes her move, gets past the Namibian, who looks quite tired, into the bronze position. But the Namibian puts up a fight, unlike her male counterpart Ryan, who disintegrated after Shelly crossed him

8:54: The Kenyans looking relaxed, keeping to the shade, but this race isn't over

8:52: Magake still in the lead, Aussie Lisa Weitman pumping hard, looks very likely that she'll have her place on the podium

8:50: The women now, Kenyans still in first and second places, an Australian looking strong at fourth, will she match her counterpart in the men's edition?

8:48: Less than a minute later, Shelly makes it through, takes his silver medal. And Amos Matui runs in for bronze.

8:47: Only 60 metres to the finish, and only Kelai in sight, and he does it. All alone on top, just the way he likes it

8:44: Shelly makes the lead real, matsui hangs back. Shelly rounds a bend, Matsui disappears. Brilliant tactical race by the Australian. He kept his own pace, inspite of being very far down at one stage.

8:43: And Shelly the Australian crosses Matsui for a real shot at silver. Matui looks the worse for wear. Kelai ahead by almost a minute.

8:40: John Kelai way, way ahead of the rest of the pack. This man is unbelievable.

8:36: But what have we here, an Australian in contention for bronze, footing it ahead of Ramadani

8:34: John Kelai is in the lead, and Amos Mtui is gaining. Ramadani not looking good, starting to struggle in third place

8:32: Ramadani falling back to a Kenyan, but he's not giving up easily, pumping his arms, trying to catch up

8:25: It's a team effort in the women's race, and Kenyans hoping to sweep up all three medals.

8:24: Kenyans proved too hot for the rest of the runners

8:22: John Kelai, Kenya, is leading and had detached from the rest of the runners. He is having an emphatic lead.

8.20: In men's marathon, once again Kenyans are in the lead.

A very good morning to you all. I'm Anand Venkateswaran, and it is my undistilled pleasure to take you through this last day, Day 11 of the 19th Commonwealth Games. Well, let's get cracking, because the day began well before we did. The marathon race is on, both men and women.

Despite many hurdles, the >Commonwealth Games was a great success with India winning 36 golds (till October 13, 2010). We can expect a few more from them today.

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