Somdev Devvarman was the standout for India with a gold on a day when India managed only three medals.

Right then. That just about concludes action from Guangzhou. Like always it has been a pleasure for me. Do join Ashwin Achal from about 07:30 a.m. tomorrow as he goes about bringing you all the action.

19:05 Unbelievable. With eight seconds on the clock, UAE have scored. That eventually is the last kick which means that UAE will face Japan in thursday's final.

19:02 Two minutes seperates the second men's football semifinal from a shoot-out. Is there time for a late winner?

All India-centric events for the day is over. Just the men's semifinal in football remaining where it is now in the second-half of extra-time.

Also got some news for Chess:-

The Indian men beat their Qatar counterparts 3.5-0.5 with the Indian women also beat their Bangladesh counterparts with an identical scoreline.

Here's a quick look at the medals tally:-

China 165, 85, 79

South Korea 64, 55, 74

Japan 34, 64, 68

Taiwan 12, 11, 29

Iran 12, 9, 15

Hong Kong 8, 14, 14

Kazakhstan 7, 14, 26

India 7, 12, 20

Kazakhstan are ranked higher than India because the former has got more silver medals.

18:30 I can indeed confirm that India lost to Malaysia 2-1 in a men's sqash group game. Saurav Ghosal managed to beat Mohamad Iskandar to level proceedings but Harinder Sandhu lost Chee Wern in the crucial third match. However, India still go through to the next stage in the competition.

18:28 Into the first extra-time between South Korea and UAE in men's football.

18:15 In an all Chinese final, the duo of Xue Chen and Zhang Xi have beaten Huang Ying and Yie Yuan to take the gold in the women's beach volleyball .

18:02 Unconfirmed reports saying that India have lost to Malaysia 2-1 in the men's squash. I will try and confirm this as soon as possible.

17:44 India's Krishna Poonia on the podium to receive her bronze medal for her performace in the discus throw.

Things are very quickly winding down on the 11th day in Guangzhou. From an indian perspective, I am still waiting for some news from the chess and the squash contingent.

17:30 That concludes all the action from the Aoti Main Stadium for the day - a good day from an Indian perspective.

Krishna Poonia won bronze in the woman's discus throw.

Both the men's and woman's 4X100 metre relay team qualified for the final. The men also qualified for the 4X400 metre relay final.

Then to cap it all off, Pramila took home the bronze in the women's heptathlon.

17:28 I can confirm that India's Pramila Ganapathy got the bronze in the woman's heptathlon. Uzbekistan's Yuliya Tarasova and Japan's Yuki Nakata won the gold and the silver respectively. Susmita finished in fourth place.

17:26 Seeing pictures of Pramila waving the national flag and she is looking happy.

17:24 Yuki Nakata is the leader from start to finish to win the women's 800 metres heptathlon. That also giver her the silver in the women's heptathlon. Yuliya Tarasova, who finished last in this event, still takes the gold because of her huge lead. It looks like Pramila Ganapathy will take home the bronze with Susmita Singharoy coming home in fourth place. I will confirm as soon as possible.

17:18 Pramila Ganapathy is in a bronze medal position in the women's heptathlon. And the last event in the discipline - 800 metres - has started.

17:10 India finish the race in second place and have qualified comfortably for the final (I have understood that Iran have lodged a protest. But even if their disqualification is lifted, India's second place finish means their place would not be threatened).

17:08 India are currently in second place in the men's 4X400 metres relay. Two more switches of baton to go.

17:05 There is one more race to come after the second heat. It's the women's 800 metres heptathlon. This, of course, is the last final event in the heptathlon. India's Pramila Ganapathy and Susmita Singha Roy will be in action in that event.

17:04 Wow. Iran got disqualified in the first heats which means that all the five teams of the second heat will go through to the final of the men's 4X400 metres relay. Just do the basics: do not get yourself disqualified and you are through to the final. As academic as you like. But, saying that, teams would want to race to get the desired lane in the final.

17:01 The Indian men will run in the second heat in the men's 4X400 metres relay.

16:59 Saudi Arabia and China finish in first and second place in the first heat of the men's 4X400 metre relay. It was so easy that the fourth Saudi runner was ambling the last 50 metres.

16:52 India's Mayooka Johny finishes seventh with 6.33 metres in the women's long jump final.

16:50 Things winding down in the Aoti Main Stadium for the day. But there is still one final yet to come.

16:46 Malaysia are dancing in the isles. They have scored the fourth goal - a golden goal - to progress to the final where they will take on Pakistan.

It was the No. 5 Muhamad Amin Rahim who gave Malaysia the golden goal.

Malaysia beats India 4-3 to advance to the final of the men's hockey.

16:45 If you have joined us just a little late, India's Krishna Poonia did win a bronze in the discus throw.

16:41 The first part of extra-time is underway.

16:40 India's Elam Singh is blown away as Bahrain and Qatar sort out the top steps on the podium.

16:36 India's Elam Singh is among the front-runners as the men's steeplechase final goes into the home stretch. Holding the hats time...

16:35 Going into extra-time in this second semifinal between India and Malaysia.

16:33 Comedy of errors almost gift India a goal. A penalty corner is driven in but Malaysia somehow sramble it past the D. Frantic finale to what has been a tremendous game apart from the initial exchanges.

16:30 That's right out of the coaching manual for Malaysia. A penalty corner is swept in and Rahim hammers it low to restore parity. It is 3-3 all now.

16:28 All hands to the pump for Malaysia and they earned a penalty corner.

16:27 The Malaysian 'keeper twice denying India within a matter of seconds. Malaysia looking just a big raggard all of a sudden.

16:26 Nine minutes seperates us from a mouth-watering India vs Pakistan final in men's hockey. But nine minutes is enough time for Malaysia to not find an equaliser but also a winner.

16:20 Out of the corner of my eyes, the Indian men have also qualified for the final of the men's 4X100 metres relay - obliged to add with a time of under 40 seconds.

16:17 India regains the lead. Rajpal Singh slams home from close range after a penalty corner is saved by the Malaysian 'keeper. 3-2 India.

16:13 I tell you, what. I have not seen better innovation in a hockey field for a long time. Malaysia work it brilliantly to slip the penalty corner wide, instead of slamming it home as has been the norm, where they have an easy chance and they accept the opportunity gleefully. India did not expect that. Parity again.

16:12 Might not be 2-1 for a very long time. Malaysia have a penalty corner...

India's Elam Singh will be in action later in the day in the men's 3,000 metre steeplechase final. Remember about the heroics the other day? Meanwhile, still 2-1 in favour of India against Malaysia.

Tense about the hockey? Ecstatic for Krishna Poonia?

15:59 A goal out of nothing for India. Tushar Khandker just running on to a loose ball and slamming it home. Will India now defend the slender advantage or look to entend the lead?

The goal came about 60 seconds into the second half. Incredible stuff.

15:57 I can confirm that Krishna Poonia got the bronze with a throw of 61.94 metres - a shade under five metres shot of the eventual winner Li Yanfeng.

15:56 India's Krishna Poonia seems to have secured a bronze in the women's discus throw. Will confirm when I get more news. (China have done a 1-2 in this event).

15:54 India's 4X100 metre women's relay team has qualified for the final with a time of 45.44. They came third in the relay behind Thailand Vietnam.

15:51 Mohammed Othman of Saudi Arabia won the men's 1,500 metres final.

15:50 Tengku gave Malaysia a surprise lead but Sandeep Singh restored parity with a fierce drive from a penalty corner. It is 1-1 at the break.

Archer Deepika Kumari missed a bronze after going down to Kwon Un Sil of North Korea in the play-off.

15:32 Almost. India fashion an opening down the right and get a one-on-one situation but the shot is harried and it misses the onrushing 'keeper as well as the goal.

15:30 Malaysia gets a penalty corner from what looks like an obstruction. But Bharat Chetri pulls off a great save diving low down to his right. Will that sting India?

15:28 Both of India's women contestants in the women's long jump final - Prajusha Maliakkal and Mayooka Johny - are currently out of the medal placings.

Awaiting news/latest updates of the squash match between India and Malaysia and also the fortunes of the Chess team. Watch this space for that.

15:25 No real dribbling runs or shots with intent from inside the D. But there is lots of time - 21 minutes exactly - remaining for the first half to finish.

15:19 A slow start to the match. Both the teams sending out feelers to the opposition so far.

15:14 India get the match underway in the second semifinal against Malaysia. Remember, the winner will face Pakistan - which came through in an absolute humdinger against South Korea in the first semifinal - in the final.

There were some impressive performances by India in semifinals in the Canoe and Kayak. The finals of those events will be held day after tomorrow.

15:09 Both Jhuma and Jaisha did not finish in the top four in the women's 1,500 metres final. Jamal of Brunei took the gold.

15:06 Just received information that India's Dharmender Dalal has lost in the men's bronze medal match in the Greco-Roman 120 kg against Salman Ali of Iraq. Will try and confirm this.

15:03 Jhuma Khatun and Jaisha Orchatteri of India getting ready for the women's 1,500 metre final.

14:57 Kabbadi aficionados would be delighted to here that India have been on a victory march over the last two days. The latest victory coming after Nepal gave a walkover against India in a Group game in the women's category. (The Indian men earlier beat Iran 40-24 in another Group game).

14:53 Shreyas Gopinath has mailed in saying that Deepika Kumari has lost her bronze medal match.

I can confirm that she lost her match against Un Sil Kwon of North Korea 6-2.

14:53 Mayooka Johny of India jumps a 6.33 metres to go into third place in the women's long jump. That is a very decent jump from Mayooka.

Let me just divert my attention and see what has been happening where over the course of the last ten minutes.

Missed out on all the action earlier in the day? Do not panic as everything is documented here.

14:47 China's Peng Shuai has won the gold in the women's singles 7-5, 6-2.

Just witnessed a great game of Hockey. But it is not yet over in the stadium. India will be up and about against Malaysia in the other semifinal in just a short while. That enough to get the adrenaline pumping, right?

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