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Hello and welcome to The Hindu's live coverage of the Asian Games. Day 11, and new possibilities. Feedback:

Right then. That sensational save is my exit cue. Do not worry though. >Swaroop Swaminathan is here to cover you through to the end of the day.

14:47 Sensational save from Salman Akbar of Pakistan sees them book a berth in the final. Pakistan took the lead in the seventh shot of the shoot-out before Akbar produced a great stop.

14:36 My word. Not yet done here. The first shots of both Pakistan and South Korea in the sudden death have been saved.

14:32 Pakistan's 'keeper Akbar jumped off the line to save South Korea's fifth and final shot. And the umpires are having a talk about it. Right, the rules say South Korea get the goal becuase of an infringement by Akbar. Pakistan, under pressure, convert their fifth and final shot. 3-3. Into sudden death now.

14:30 South Korea have taken a 2-1 lead but Pakistan have the extra shot on hand.

14:28 Dear me. South Korea have put it wide. What drama. Pakistan have hit over the crossbar. 1-1 after three rounds.

14:27 Driving low into the centre, South Korea score their first of the shoot-out. Pakistan misses. 1-1 after two shots each.

14:25 And it has started. South Korea start off the lottery. And they miss. Pakistan converts. 1-0 Pakistan.

14:19: No goals in extra time. Penalty strokes now. Pressure!

14:14: No goals in extra time. Three and a half minutes to go.

14:03: Goalless in the first half of extra time between South Korea and Pakistan.

13:58: India bag 7th spot in men's rugby after defeating Thailand 22-7.

13:55: South-Pakistan semifinal goes into extra time after a 1-1 deadlock.

13:53: Still at 1-1 in the Pakistan-South Koea game. 2 minutes to go.

13:49: India lead Thailand 12-7 in the men's rugby 7th/8th place playoff.

13:48: Seven minutes to go in the South Korea-Pakistan hockey match with the scores tied at 1-1. Remember, India takes on Malaysia in the other semifinal.

13:46: The Indian rugby team facing Thailand. Down 5-7.

13:43: Dharmendra Dalal wins the repechage round of the men's 120 kg Greco-Roman against Chum of Cambodia. He will compete for bronze against Aliakbari of Iran later in the afternoon.

Deepika Kumari will contest for the bronze medal in a match a bit later.

13:21: Deepika Kumari is eliminated. Yun fires a perfect 30 to win the match. Disappointment for Deepika, but she finished second to a worthy opponent. The veteran Yun delivering under pressure.

Each set counts for two points.

13:17: Deepika with a great third set, hitting two 10s and a 9. She wins the third set and the score is now 4-2, Yun leading.

13:15: Deepika loses the second set as well. She started the set well with a 10, but then shot two 8s. Yun needed a 9 to win the set on her last try, and 9 she hit.

13:11: Deepika Kumari in action. Yun takes the first set 27-24.

13:09: Deepika Kumari will face Yun Yokhee of South Korea in the women's archery semifinals. That match will begin in just a few minutes and we'll be there to bring you the latest.

13:04: Jagdish Bilurkar enters the fray with a powerful backhand of his own. Here's what he says: "I think when high balls are sliced (which are done in most cases), the single-handed backhand is most effective. If one always practices with the double-handed backhand, then slicing will become very diffuclt. However, when trying for power, the single-handed shot will be difficult with weak arms. I would prefer the single-handed backhand, especially in men's tennis as it looks masculine."

13:02: >Click here to read the report on Somdev's brilliant exhibition in the men's singles final.

12:53: Pakistan taking on South Korea in men's hockey. Pakistan score the first goal with 12 minutes left in the first half.

12:37: Nayantara Pani wants to know the historical significance of Somdev's victory. Nayantara, Somdev has created history by becoming the first Indian to win gold in the men's singles event at the Asian Games.

12:32: A little confusion about the status of Deepika Kumari. Just want to clarify that she is now in the semifinals. I had wrongly mentioned earlier ( see 8:07) that she was through to the semifinals. No harm done, we'll be there to cover her semifinal match soon.

12:16: Deepika Kumari is through to the archery semifinals. She beat Tan Ya, who beat India's Rimil in the earlier round.

12:12: I had reported earlier that Deepika Kumari was through to the semifinals of the women's archery. I was wrong, apologies. She is through to the quarterfinals. Many thanks to Idris Merhaba for pointing out the error.

Great scenes from the tennis stadium as Somdev collapses to the ground after his victory. He runs around to celebrate with his support staff, who have boisterously cheered him right through the match.

12:05: Somdev wins gold!! Somdev was all over Istomin, right from the start. Generously helped by the below-par Istomin. Somdev doesn't care, he has brought gold for India. His second after winning the doubles gold yesterday.

12:01: Somdev holds seve and leads 5-2 and Istomin will now serve to stay in the match. What a mismatch this has been. I was hoping for a close match, terribly disappointed with the showing of the error-prone Istomin here.

12:00: Abhishek Tyagi has a different view: "I prefer double handed because it can be controlled well. But no doubt single handed looks more elegant."

11:58: We are dealing in breaks here. Somdev breaks and goes 4-2 ahead. Disappointing show from Istomin so far, he just doesn't look the part.

11:55: Ramanathan Lakshmanan knows his tennis. This is what he says about the backhand face-off: "Of course the single handed backhand, unless the two hands of the double handed backhand belongs to one Mr. Andre Agassi."

11:53: Close game, but Istomin manages to break back. Somdev fought hard after being 15-40 down, but fires a backhand into the net to concede the game. Somdev up 3-2

11:50: Somdev serving for a 4-1 lead now.

11:47: All you tennis fans out there, I have a question for you. What type of backhand do you prefer - one-handed or double-handed? I'd go for the one-handed backhand always. So pleasing to watch! Send me your choice to

11:45: I mentioned earlier that the Indian women's squash team lost 0-3 to Hong Kong. However, they still enter the semifianls after finishing second in Pool B. The men are through to the semis too.

11:43: Somdev holds serve (barely) to go up 2-1. Expect a keenly fought second set, with Istomin finally getting into the groove after an atrociously poor first set.

11:32: Istomin showing why he is a top-50 player. A blistering forehand winner down the line stuns Somdev. Game on at 1-1 in the second set. Game on!

11:32: Set stays on serve, 1-1.

11:32: The second set starts with Somdev holding serve. Couple of fluent forehand winners in this game. Somdev looks classy today, in top form.

11:28: We are going to see plenty of long, long rallies in this match. Neither player keen on rushing to the net.

11:24: First set to Somdev. 6-1. That was a bit too easy. Expect a much tougher fight in the second set.

11:21: Istomin surprisingly breaks Somdev. Couple of unforced errors from Somdev and Istomin wins his first game of the match. He still trails 1-5 though.

11:15: Istomin is now a bag of unforced errors. There you go again, he makes another double fault and Somdev is up 5-0. What is going on here? We expected Somdev to struggle against his top-50 opponent, but the Indian finds himself in a position where he now serves to take the set at love!

11:14: Conmfortable service game for Somdev, he holds and goes up 4-0. Istomin will need something special to push Somdev in this first set.

So Somdev off to flier against his top-50 opponent. Can he throw the ranking difference out the window and bring gold to India?

11:07: And after a marathon third game, Somdev finally breaks Istomin. He is up 3-0. Istomin having problems with his serve. He hit a double fault to hand the game to Somdev.

11:06: Point of the match. Long, long rally culminates in Somdev hitting a backhand down the line winner. Somdev slowing the pace of his shots to throw Istomin off guard.

11:01: Istomin has a clear advantage coming into this match in terms of his ATP ranking. Istomin is ranked 43 to Somdev's 94. But this event is quite similar to the Davis Cup, where ranking don't necessarily matter. National pride and all that.

11:00: See-saw game, we're going back and forth between duece and advantage in the third game of the first set.

10:55: Somdev had two break points at 15-40 in the third game, but Istomin has clawed back. Duece now.

10:51 Somdev holds a tough service game. Istomin slams a backhand into the net and Somdev leads 2-0 in the first set.

10:49: Back to the tennis final, Somdev has broken Istomin in the first game of the match. He is serving 40-30 in the second game.

10:47: Shanmuga Sundaram asks about the Indian interest in cycling. Thanks Shanmuga, I nearly forgot to mention that Mahita Mohan and Pana Chaudhary finished 20th and 26th respectively in the women's individual road race.

10:44: Big day for Indian hockey. The men's team will play Malaysia in the semifinals today. The match will begin at about 3 pm IST.

10:43: Somdev now battles Istomin in the men's final. Big, big game.

10:13: Squash news. The men's team of Ghosal, Suchde and Jangra beat South Korea 3-0 in their Pool B match. The wmoen's team, however, went down 0-3 to Hong Kong.

10:08: Dharmender Dalal will take part in the wrestling Greco-Roman's 120 kg repechage round 1 shortly.

10:01: Bangaladesh beat Malaysia by 70 runs. A no-contest towards the end.

Talking of Bangladesh, how surreal was their 4-0 victory against New Zealand in the ODI series earlier this year? The lowest of lows in the history of New Zealand cricket, I would think.

09:57: Bangladesh running circles around Malaysia in the cricket match. Bangladesh batted first and scored 150 in 20 overs, and Malaysia are 78/9 in 19 overs.

09:56: 30 gold medals on offer today, and India will fancy its chances in archery, shooting, tennis and wrestling.

09:54: The highlight of the day will be Somdev's clash against Denis Istomin of Uzbekistan in the men's singles final. Can he repeat his double's heroics?

09:50: Cricket now as Bangladesh takes on Malaysia. India, you will note, is conspicuous in its absence from the event.

09:43: India beat Iran 40-24 in the round 2 match

09:41: Massive tackle as seven Indians pin down the lone Iranian rider. The referee is a bit concerned about the state of the Iranian. He has three men sitting on him!

09:39: India the favourites for the gold. They lead 6-5. Just a quick recap of the rules - if you eliminate all the players in the opponent team, you get 2 points.

09:37: And we're back. In time for India's kabaddi match against Iran.

08:50: Thousand apologies, but we have a technical problem here. We're looking into it and will rejoin the action as soon we can.

08:25: Rimil loses to Tan Ya of Chinese Taipei in the women's archery quarterfinal. Mixed day for Indian archers so far, Rimil eliminated but Deepika Kumari is through to the semis.

08:21: Leaving the archery arena for a minute to rejoin the women's heptathlon. Fight for second place between Nakata of Japam and Pramila of India. After the javelin event, Pramila is in third place. All athletes take a break now, the 800m - the final event of the heptathlon - will take place later tonight.

08:16: Rimil wins the third set. 4-2 now.

08:13: Rimil horribly off the mark in the second set. Shoots a 7, 8 and 6 in the second set. Two points for beating your opponent in a set, so Tan Ya leads 4-0.

08:10: Rimil taking on Tan Ya of Chinese Taipei. Tan Ya wins the first set quite easily, Rimil not at her best in the first round.

08:07: Deepika hits two 8s and a nine and that's that. Deepika Kumari victorious. She progresses to the semifinals. She was down 0-2 at one stage, but came back strong to wrap up the match.

08:04: Deepika leading 5-3 against her Indonesian opponent.

Rimil Buriuly will be in action next.

08:02: Commonwealth Games gold medallist Deepika Kumari taking on Erwina of Indonesia in the women's individual archery quarterfinal.

07:56: Jamesboy wins by a big margin and this serves as a warning to his opponents in the final.

07:55: Jamesboy Singh has won the Men's Canoe Singles 1000m semifinals.

Pramila Ganapathy is now in third position overall.

07:47: Going back to the women's haptathlon, Tarasova of Uzbekistan has won the long jump leg and stands miles ahead of the others in total points.

07:43: Damdinbazar of Mongolia defeats Vinod Kumar in the Men's freestyle 55 kg quarterfinal. Easy victory for the Mongolian.

07:35: We'll let the heptathlon be for a minute and turn our attention to wrestling. Vinod Kumar in action.

Let's kick off with the women's heptathlon.

Hello and welcome to The Hindu's live coverage of the Asian Games. Day 11, and new possibilities.

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