N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, tweets live from Soccer City, Johannesburg, the venue of the World Cup final.

02:30: Match stats: Possession: Spain: 56%. The Netherlands: 44%

02:29: Match stats: Shots on goal: S-18, N-13. Corners: S-8, N-6. Yellow cards: S-5, N-6. Red: N-1.

02:26: Iniesta, deservedly MoM

02:25: Spain deserves this World Cup, barely.

02:22: Spain has quietly collected 5 yellow cards

02:20: At last. Splendid play. Viva Xavi.

02:14: Will the Dutch bag a second red?

02:11: Undistinguished game for David Villa. No Golden Boot for him.

02:08: Come on, Torres, is the cry around me.

02:06: We're not going to have a penalty shootout, surely.

02:04: 15 minutes squandered.

01:42: Settling for extra time? This game doesn't deserve to end now. Not on merits.

01:41: What will Fabregas bring to the game now? And where is Torres?

01:35: Robben is living on the edge.

01:34: Man of the Match thus far: Casillas/Stekelenburg.

01:33: Good, firm refereeing but not bloody-minded.

01:29: Good refereeing.

01:28: Distinctly chillier inside Soccer City.

01:25: The same story, all night.

01:24: Score, Villa

01:23: Save of the match, by Stekelenburg, 70th minute.

01:21: The goalkeepers are too good for this to be an enthralling finale.

01:20: Save of the match

01:18: Nasty, unsporting Spanish foul

01:17: Where is Maradona right now? His presence might have breathed more life into this match.

01:15: Refereeing has been all right, thus far. But wait for the first red.

01:14: How did Oranje miss that?

01:12: What a dogfight!

01:11: You know who's going to win the yellow card stakes: N-5, S-2.

01:07: Come on, score.

01:04: Game opening up.

01:01: Spain certainly needs more target practice.

00:55: My half-time reaction: give me Brazil vs Germany any day. Will this feeling change, I wonder.

00:48: 1st half stats: Shots on goal: S-4, N-3. Corners: S-1, N-4. Yellows: S-2, N-3

00:45: 1st half possession: Spain-Netherlands: 56-44%. Doesn't quite reflect drift of play. Let's hope for a more fluid, more productive 2nd half.

00:43: Well matched but not a distinguished first half.

00:42: Right now: possess, dispossessed; poor football.

00:41: Fine save by Casillas.

00:36: S-N possession, 57-43%. Fouls: no contest

00:33: Neither side has the finishing power or touch, it seems. Against good defence lines.

00:27: Fine anticipation, gutsy save by Casillas.

00:25: How the Jabulani soars!

00:24: S-N possession, more even now, 54-46%

00:23: Who's going to get the first red? Surely a Dutchman.

00:22: Nasty Dutch foul.

00:21: Nobody's complaining about the Jabulani here.

00:18: Quite a muscular match. Or is it the referee being too free with yellows? But equitable, two each.

00:15: Spain under pressure, good defence

00:13: S-N possession, 60-40%.

00:12: Fine save by Casillas.

00:11: Puyol, goal-scorer against Germany, gets yellow. What's in store?

00:10: First yellow to van Persie. Any surprise?

00:08: The vuvuzelas are now in full voice.

00:04: Spain-Netherlands: 61-39% possession.

00:02: Spain has 65% possession thus far.

23:54: Getting chillier inside the Stadium

23:54: Spain on top.

23:53: Viva Espana

23:49: Behold the World Cup. The greatest Prize on earth.

23:49: The press photographers, escorted like convicts, have their moment.

23:40: Just consider this: the Dutch come in with 15 yellow cards (No. 1 in this World Cup), the Spaniards with just 3 (the lowest after DPRK).

23:34: Wish you a great final. Let the better side of the day win.

23:30: Has the rain stopped? Do you have uninterrupted telecast on DTH?

23:23: Spain is on the ball. Won't get off possession even in training.

23:22: What a shame there can't be three finalists, so that Germany in full formation and flair can be here today.

23:21: We are up close to the Dutch who are putting up quite a show on the pitch.

23:19: The gearing up routines are stylised and different. Spain is more of a collective.

23:16: The Dutch are onside.

23:14: Spain's on the pitch

23:10: Three players on the pitch. Stretching out. Getting a feel of the pitch and the atmosphere. It's a comfortably cool night, so far.

23:07: FIFA has more busybodies than any other sports federation in the world. It has its critics but let's not take away from this achievement.

23:04: FIFA's campaign against racism has had a huge influence on humanity. No other international sports body comes close.

22:56: Nelson Mandela is in frail health. It is wonderful that he made the effort. It's not too chilly here.

22:54: Who's your man of the match? Villa is too obvious; don't play it safe. Sneijder? Anyone for Torres?

22:51: The covers are coming off the pitch. Soon we'll have all green.

22:47: Has come up right close. A historic moment. Wild cheering inside Soccer City.

22:45: Nelson Mandela is here. The greatest man alive.

22:42: Some aliens find this an 'infernal dirge.' No problem for Indian ears.

22:42: The vuvuzelas are back in business inside Soccer City.

22:41: Time for the show to end and the game to begin. The Netherlands vs Spain!

22:31: The elephants are so graceful and lifelike, aren't they?

22:25: Song for united Africa.

22:18: Celebrating FIFAM Shakira is on.

22:11: The robotic aerial cameras take this excitement round the world. Lights off.

22:07: Closing ceremony will commence in ten minutes.' The lights will go off.

21:57: Two fellows standing in front of us. I hope they will sit down soon. And don't play jack-in-the-box whenever Spain has a shot on goal.

21:54: Vuvuzelas need practice. Wonder how many minutes or hours it will take our wind instrument maestros to play a Carnatic raga on one.

21:50 (IST): Am inside Soccer City Stadium, seat 7, J Row, B Entrance: Fans in Orange and Red all around us. Waiting for Shakira.

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