Team India captain refuses to break the BCCI gag on IPL spot-fixing issue, says some players are “slightly mentally weak”

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Thursday refused to break the BCCI gag on his answering questions relating to the spot-fixing scandal except to say that some players are “slightly mentally weak” compared to others.

Addressing a press conference here ahead of the Champions Trophy tournament, he made it clear that he would not answer questions on the recent controversies, saying he would definitely speak at the right time.

At the brief press conference, an International Cricket Council (ICC) official reminded the journalists that the interaction should be limited to the Champions Trophy matches, much like the Indian team media manager’s intervention during the pre-departure press conference in Mumbai on Tuesday.

“If I have not answered Indian journalists, there is no reason why I should answer you,” he said. Asked if the Champions Trophy is an opportunity to “restore the reputation” of Indian cricket, Dhoni said, “It is not that the reputation has gone. If I go ahead and explain that I would rather answer his question also. When the right time comes, I will answer it.”

At the pre-departure press conference on Tuesday in Mumbai also Dhoni had avoided a series of questions on the spot-fixing, including, as the leader of Indian cricket fraternity, why we have not heard from you so far and can you guarantee Indian cricket fans that during Champions Trophy, there will be no mischief on the field?.