M.S. Dhoni and his Indian team stand on the threshold of limited-overs history, but they will not think of the prize till it is theirs. “That will be very good for the side,” the captain said here on the eve of the ICC World Twenty20 final with Sri Lanka.

“But that’s something we can think about once we have done well in the final tomorrow.”

India could become the only side — as much as these things are worth — to hold the ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy and World Twenty20 titles at the same time. It will further raise Dhoni’s status — already lofty as India’s most successful captain — in Indian cricket.

“Over the years that I have been the captain, I have seen almost everything,” he said. “Controversies are a big part of Indian cricket and I have been through it all. There’s hardly [anything] good or bad in Indian cricket that happens without my name. I know there are certain things that are in my control. I look to move in that direction rather than thinking or living a thought that’s beyond my control. It’s been an interesting time, ups and downs. It has taught me a lot and hopefully it will teach me much more in life after cricket.”

On owning up mistakes

Reflecting on captaincy, Dhoni felt it was important to own up to mistakes. “If you commit a mistake, you go out there and admit it,” he said. “Almost 98% of the time, the captain decides on something but it is somebody else who has to fulfil the job. If it doesn’t work, you stand up and take the responsibility because that’s what your job needs you to do.”

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan captain Lasith Malinga remained wary of India’s batting strength. “Yesterday, they proved that they can bat well under any circumstances,” he said. “However, we cannot depend on what happened yesterday. We all know Virat is a great player. But even the greatest player needs only one ball to get out. I have a good feeling that someone from my side can bowl that one good ball tomorrow.”


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