Virat Kohli has not been in the best of forms in recent times. With the openers not providing good starts, both in the Tests against England and the ODIs versus Pakistan, India needed someone like Kohli to fire. But his lack of form came in the way of India staging a fightback.

When asked about Kohli’s slump in form, Jadeja thought it was not a worry at all. “Virat did well for quite a long time. The slump that he is facing now happens to every cricketer. He needs a good score to get out of this,” he said.

The left-hander, who was Man-of-the-Match at Kochi, said everyone was looking forward to the first international match Dhoni’s hometown.

Excellent facilities

He praised the facilities at the JSCA stadium, the ground, dressing rooms and felt everything looked fabulous.

England batsman, Eoin Morgan said: “The bottom line is when we perform well, we test India and as you could see in the first game we came out the better side.

“I think we under-performed in the second. We learnt some lessons that we need to go back to,” he said.

Drugs have always been a major worry in sports. With the World Ant-Doping Agency (WADA) getting active, some of the nations, including England, have signed up for the whereabouts clause. India is one country that has refused to be part of it.

No place for drugs

So when an English journalist asked Morgan about the temptation of using drugs, he said: “No, absolutely not. Maybe the bats are getting injected with something, I don’t think the players are. There is no place for performance-enhancing drugs in cricket.”

When asked about playing against a team that hasn’t signed up to WADA requirements, he said: “To be honest, I didn’t know they (India) hadn’t. It’s up to the ICC to take a hands-on approach and force things so everyone is on a level playing ground.”