India is in a “pretty” position, according to opener Murali Vijay, and there is nothing to be “worried about” with a day left in the third Test against Australia here.

“Actually our plan was to bat as long as possible and we just wanted to take a big lead so that we can come back into the Test match and win it hopefully. That was our thinking. Hopefully there are 90 overs left tomorrow. It is getting lower and slower so it is going to be difficult for them to score runs.”

Slipping away

Australian seamer Peter Siddle agreed the trophy was slipping away.

“The situation at the moment, we’re still behind, three wickets down and it’s gonna be hard. I think yes, the first session is going to be big for us tomorrow morning. It’s probably going to be hard work for us to get the win from here.”

On his batting approach, Vijay said, “I think it is Test match so obviously you got to take time and bat. Actually I was working just on my game before this. I wanted to stay at the wicket as I told you the Chennai second innings [dismissal] hurt me a lot. From there I just wanted to stick in because I know I can play my shots but it is not helping me at the moment. I just wanted to do it the hard way, stay there and play longer.”

Incredible knock

He called Shikhar Dhawan’s show (187) incredible. “It is just incredible for anybody to play like that and especially a debutant like him. The way he played and the time he had to play as many shots as he did was unbelievable. It was great fun to watch from the other end.”

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