Apple updated its line of iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers on Tuesday and also introduced a device called a Magic Trackpad that allows people to use the same finger movements to control their computers as they do their iPhones.

The new iMacs look identical to their predecessors. But Apple said they boast faster processors and graphic cards that represent a 50 per cent performance increase over the old line.

Prices for the new iMac models range from 1,199 dollars to 1,999 dollars, while the Mac Pro’s, which can support up to four hard drives and 12 core processors, range from 2,499 dollars to 3,499 dollars.

The 69-dollar Magic Trackpad is a Bluetooth device for use with iMacs and Mac Pro’s allowing users to make gestures with their fingers that manipulate the screen images, for instance to zoom in on an image or scroll a screen.

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