Let us assume that Osama bin-Laden is wanted in India. The Intelligence Bureau, with all its resources, gets the whereabouts of Osama, passes the files to the Home Ministry. If at all the file is processed, our Prime Minister calls Pakistan President and informs him of the situation. That President demands proof of indictment of Osama. A Home Secretary-level meeting is organised. India hands over a dossier including the red corner notice of Interpol. Pakistan takes its own time and studies the report. After a gap of three of four months, Islamabad says that evidence is not enough to prosecute Osama. Another meeting is organised and another set of evidence is given. Finally, after three or four rounds, Pakistan agrees that Osama is guilty but demands that he be tried in Pakistan's court. India approaches the U.S. and after multiple negotiations, the U.S. directs Pak to hand over Osama to India, provided Osama is unaware of the things happening and stays there. Osama is in India. The Indian government celebrates it's “victory of truth.”

Now, Osama is suffering from senile diseases. He is provided good medical care and security. He is provided with a lawyer. And the trial begins amid lots of media coverage. Osama becomes a celebrity. After a long, tedious process, he is awarded the death sentence. Again, our P.M. gives a proud speech of victory and how his government succeeded in curbing terrorism. As per the judicial procedure, Osama's sentence is confirmed by the High Court and challenged in the Supreme Court. There also he loses his case and the sentence is confirmed. Osama, old and suffering from multiple diseases, appeals to the President of India for pardon. His files get stuck between the Home Ministry and the office of President. After some time, a passenger aircraft of India is hijacked by al-Qaeda and the terrorists demand the release of Osama. Finally, the government gives in and exchanges Osama for a few hundreds of Indians taken hostage. Now, once again, “OSAMA IS WANTED IN INDIA.”

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