One flanked by another, each laden with schoolbag,

the two trudge home for a long time-lag.

Lips glued but face solemn at times grows,

and puckers, and often raises the eyebrows.

Are their tongues cut to be to death dumb?

Both into mobile-screens, on keypads thumb.

To know of each other curiosity doesn’t seize,

but of ‘chat-friends’ beyond vicinity, overseas.

“As I told her thus, she at me did swing.”

“How are you?” “I’m fine” mobiles ring.

“Since yesterday you keep sounding tense!”

Chat continues, beeps often break silence.

The two thus far long a detour did plod,

but didn’t any talk nor to side did nod.

The duo, saying or even waving no goodbye,

diverted to neighbouring homes, passed by.

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Keywords: human interest

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