It was around 8 p.m. when I got down from the bus and was walking home. A guy, who was walking along with me, passed vulgar comments at my dress. I was wearing a salwar with dupatta. I couldn't talk back because I was tired after a day's work. I just ignored him and walked away.

Although we say that society is changing, it is not entirely true. The conservative view about women has not changed. The other day, a friend narrated a scene he encountered on the beach. A girl was wearing a three-fourths pant and was playing in the water. He was commenting on and finding fault with her dressing style rather than accepting the fact that it was wrong to look at a woman that way.

I want to ask the menfolk, why do you always look at women as a commodity? Aren't women part of society?

If an eve-teasing incident occurs, it is ‘she' who is being blamed for the way she dresses and not ‘he' for the affront. If that was so, then why did that guy pass comments when I was in a salwar with dupatta? Even when a woman is in a saree, our traditional costume, vulgar comments are made. Some others say we won't pass comments when women are in a saree. Should we always drape ourselves in a saree to gain respect? Can't women have their space in society?

Don't judge a woman by her appearance. Judge her for what she is. Respect her talents, capabilities and, above all, her individuality. Give her a chance of choosing what she wants to be. Doesn't the Constitution guarantee that?

I do agree that the mindset of some women is similar to that of men. I have heard women criticising the dressing style of another woman. Men will continue to behave like that until and unless we tell them it is wrong and we change our views first. It is our duty to teach our sons to respect a woman for what she is. Why can't we try changing the views of our brothers?

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