What a queer match this is, you may wonder. It is not any intra-national or international match. It is a personal one, that is, on me. There is no venue or playground.

I mean, it is on my cheeks. It is between shaving foam vs shaving round soap.

The other day, I went to a cosmetic and toiletries shop. I asked the salesman for a shaving round, which is soap encased in a circular plastic container that once reigned supreme as a fashion statement. I asked for a refill, if available.

By way of reply, the young salesman gave me a virtual blow. Sir, nowadays nobody asks for a shaving round. If anybody asks for it, he will be considered old and outdated.

It took me some time to regain my ‘imagined’ youth.

The next day, after my morning coffee, I went to the sink for my shave, before a bath, with the fashionable and colourful shaving foam container in hand. I felt it was laughing at me. The shaving round lay empty and exhausted.

The problem was that, every time I pressed the knob on top of the container, the foam came out in huge quantities. I felt I was wasting it. I felt too embarrassed to ask my son for the proper way of getting the foam out.

Slowly, after five or six trials, it became handy for me. Now I am comfortable with it.

In the same way, I’m confident, I will become proficient in new technologies like smart phone, laptop, Wi-Fi and so on.

You might have guessed my age. Of course I am a senior citizen.

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