Every politician is now swarming Badaun (“U.P. to seek CBI probe into Badaun rape, murder,” June 1). Even a helipad is getting ready to accommodate the visit of a VVIP. Video shots of minor boys making arrangements for a politician’s visit are going viral. The common man is perplexed by all this sudden love for Badaun. It is anybody’s guess what good will come from these visits. I wish this drama would end, leaving the family and village to mourn in peace. If any relief can be extended, let the law punish the offenders within a few months and the family be given adequate compensation.

Sivamani Vasudevan, Chennai

This refers to the report, “I want justice, not money, says victim’s father” (June 1). His sentiments must be respected. The Uttar Pradesh government should use this money to protect the lives of its citizens. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s handling of this case proves that he is no different from his predecessors.

Ajay S. Kumar, Thiruvananthapuram

It is unfortunate that all politicians — from Akhilesh Yadav to Rahul Gandhi to Mayawati — are suddenly playing pretence, demanding stringent punishment for the rapists and showing sympathy toward the victims’ family. In West Bengal where I live, hardly any rapist is brought to book. The rulers of this State seem to be active in hushing up cases of crimes against women rather than punishing the criminals. After the hue and cry over the Kamduni rape and murder case last year, a few people were nabbed, but no punishment has been given to them so far. On the contrary, to assuage the anger over the crime, the victim’s family was taken away from the village at the behest of a powerful State Minister. While the villagers were seen fighting against the police-criminal-politician nexus, the survivor in the family was given a job. The protesting villagers were kept in the dark about this. Similarly, in the Madhyamgram rape episode, senior police officials from Kolkata reportedly tried to cremate the girl’s body forcibly. It is sad but true that the rulers of this country defend criminals for vote bank politics.

Santanu Basu, Malda

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