The death of Swami Nigamanand who was on a hunger strike for 114 days seeking a ban on quarrying in and around the Ganga in the kumbh area is unfortunate. The administration is no doubt responsible. But the media, too, are to blame. The fourth pillar of democracy highlighted the cause of Baba Ramdev but failed to highlight Swami Nigamanand's cause.

Manoj Kumar Sahoo,


It is unfortunate that Swami Nigamanand's fast went unnoticed by the media, which paid huge attention to Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev's fasts. What is more distressing is the blame game between political parties over his death. No one seems to be worried about the cause for which he died.

Deepa Nagaraj,


The death of Nigamanand has proved that a non-political fight is always unsuccessful. One who wants to take up a public cause should examine the ground realities thoroughly and should be ready to tolerate even the most unpalatable utterances of an adversary. Unfortunately, Swami Nigamanand had no support from any political party. His death, however, has caught the attention of the media.

Religious leaders should not resort to measures that can lead to their death. No one has a right to take a life. Resorting to measures that can lead to taking his life is not expected of a philosopher.

A.J. Rangarajan,


Nigamanand through his fast invited the government's attention to the blatant exploitation of the Ganges. It is a shame that no one could assure the ardent nature lover in 114 days of measures to check illegal mining. It is clear that the ahimsa form of protest is not taken into account. The tragedy of Nigamanand will give an impetus to those reformists who take to arms.

M.G. Adarsh,


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