MLAs and MPs have the wherewithal, perhaps thanks to their “ill-gotten” wealth, to engage the services of high-profile legal luminaries who will then use every trick in the trade to prolong cases (Editorial, March 14). The lower judiciary is only a helpless onlooker and adjournments are granted for the asking. If cases against them are false and politically motivated, honest politicians are bound to voluntarily request courts to ensure the speedy disposal of cases. The fact that the contrary occurs shows that the inescapable conclusion is that there is substance in the cases against them. The Court’s intervention has given credibility to the idea of cleansing the polity.

V.N. Gopal,


It is a sad commentary that the high commands of national and regional parties still consider the factor of winnablity to be paramount, clouding their judgment, and in turn relying on tainted politicians. Maladies such as corruption and misgovernance have their roots in the criminalisation of politics. The Supreme Court has now given us all a golden opportunity to rejuvenate the political system.

Gadde Saideswara Rao,


The apex court’s attempt to mend the state of Indian politics is commendable. An innocent politician facing criminal charges would never hesitate to face trial in time. It is certain that the common man’s last bastion of hope, namely courts, will certainly restore our faith in democracy.

M. Xavier,


While the Supreme Court has always spearheaded the move to bring in much-needed reforms in the governance of India, equally the political class has shown the proclivity to unite whenever it perceives threats to its power from any institution.

In return, the only way this can be stopped is by our uniting to act against tainted representatives, by pledging not to waste our votes, and exercising judgment properly at the election booth.

Mayank Prakash,


The bold step by the Supreme Court should not be undone by the lower court concerned which can make the right adjudication. The move must be backed by reforms being applied to both the judicial and political processes.

Tanveer Ashraf,

Katihar, Bihar


Time-bound trials for legislatorsMarch 14, 2014

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