Most people will agree that Rahul Gandhi took Mumbai by storm when he travelled between Vile Parle and Ghatkopar by local train. While the Shiv Sena planned to dent his morale by showing black flags, Rahul jumped on to the train and mingled with the aam aadmi. People may call it propaganda but I would say Rahul entered the lion’s den and emerged unscathed. He ensured that his political rival’s campaign did not gain much mileage winning, at the same time, the hearts of Mumbaikars. India needs leaders of his calibre.

S. Karthik, Chennai

Without uttering a word of provocation or inciting his partymen to retaliate against the Shiv Sena and the MNS, Rahul Gandhi sent a strong signal that Mumbai is for all Indians. By travelling in the suburban train, he displayed his keenness to understand the problems of commuters.

V.K. Nair, Thrissur

Rahul’s frequent visits to various corners of the country and his interaction with the common people are commendable. His down-to-earth attitude is similar to that of his father and grandmother. His timely visit to Mumbai not only gave a boost to the morale of the common man but also took the wind out of the Shiv Sena’s sails. I wish wisdom prevails on the chauvinistic Sena leaders and they start concentrating on real and constructive issues.

Ramesh Kumar Gollapudi, Hyderabad

It is disappointing to see political parties clinching an opportunity to show off their strength to impress the common man. One fails to understand why Rahul Gandhi took so much trouble to travel by a local train in Mumbai to prove a point against the Shiv Sena. It would have been more useful had he raised his voice against price rise, Bt Brinjal and the row over climate change.

The Shiv Sena does not care about the aam aadmi’s issues either. The common man is hardly interested in whether or not someone can speak a language. He is more concerned about making the ends meet. With the annual budget approaching, it is time political parties focussed on issues affecting the people.

Varun Dambal, Bangalore

Politics today is turning out to be theatrical. On the one hand, we have parties such as the Shiv Sena and the MNS which are desperately trying to invent space for themselves and, on the other, we have the TRS and a whole lot of parties in Andhra Pradesh trying to do the same over the Telangana issue. Equally surprising is the action of Rahul Gandhi indulging in publicity stunts like travelling on crowded trains. The show has given more publicity to the Thackerays.

Political parties should stop indulging in tamashas and focus on core issues like rising prices and lawlessness.

Prem Kumar Gutty, New Delhi

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