The movement for a separate state of Telangana started in 1952. Division is not the solution for all problems. Every state or region has its own weaknesses. Today, it is Telangana and tomorrow, it will be some other region. Where is the end to all this? Politicians have misused the Telangana issue as a result of which hundreds of innocent people are affected.

India is facing the worst situation ever. On the one hand, its frontiers are under threat. On the other, scandals such as the 2G scam and inflation are ruining the country. Political leaders should shed their apathetic and sluggish attitude and take pragmatic decisions.

B. Vijayalakshmi,


It is unfortunate that politicians and Telangana leaders are playing with the future of the students of Andhra Pradesh. The Telangana agitation is not new; it has been there for decades. The Telangana armed struggle by Puchhalapalli Sundarayya unfolds the history of the region. As a teacher and student, I request the leaders spearheading the movement for a separate state not to use the issue to serve their political ends.

B. Nagarjun,


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