It was with great concern that I read the news that Team Anna has dissolved itself after deciding to start a political party. So, in the end, the system ensured that the movement against corruption was stalled at any cost. The development is a loss not to Team Anna but the country and the common man. Corruption has taken deep root and if big movements cannot succeed in ridding the country of the menace, what can? In keeping with the law of physics, which says any movement should and will take the path of least resistance, Team Anna seems to have changed tack. I hope it will think again rather than plunge into an arena where one is not sure of one’s fate.

G. Ramani,


Team Anna’s decision to go political will have an adverse impact on its goal to make India a corruption-free nation. The superficial idea of taming politicians and cleaning the system is just too simplistic. Team Anna will be forced to sit below the salt. And India will become corruption-free only when the universe ends.

Aamna Mohsin,


That it is difficult to live in Rome and fight with the Pope has been proved again by the fizzling out of the Team Anna movement. It was expected by political pundits familiar with the government’s functioning that the anti-corruption movement would lose steam with the passage of time. Till such time as the corrupt are not barred from contesting elections, the net to catch the big fish will remain non-existent. As for the charge that Anne Hazare’s movement is communalised, it is not new in Indian politics. Even the Swadeshi andolan was accused of being communal.

Raushan Kumar,


Team Anna’s decision to plunge into politics is welcome. Political parties need to be challenged. The public is in a mood to wipe out corruption and recall the nonperforming and corrupt representatives.

Gp Capt Aftab Ahmed (retd.),


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