The reason for protracted judgments in India is the unprecedented level of frivolous cases and a lack of judicial infrastructure (Opinion, Dec. 5). An issue of contemplation is to protect the interests of the poor who cannot afford legal services. The legal profession must be made more attractive for the younger generation.

K. Rohit Chandran,


Why has the writer talked about the Aarushi Talwar case? What about the Kunal Bose murder case of 2000 where the wife was acquitted by a High Court after she served 13 years in jail? Here, the court accepted that it was an unfortunate event where the mother had to part with her minor children.

There are numerous other cases of litigants facing an extreme form of inhumanity due to delays in the justice delivery system. A lack of attractive salary packages in what can be termed a difficult profession is another reason why there is inadequate talent in the legal field. The Supreme Court must think in terms of making the legal system more effective and responsive to people’s needs.

Madhusree Guha,


Our faith in the justice delivery system is fast eroding because justice is never given speedily and in fair time. There are lots of cases pending in our courts and where it takes years to deliver verdicts. In the Delhi gang rape case, it was only because people came out onto the streets to protest that the government responded in time.

Sadhna Roul,

New Delhi


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