Decades of experience have prompted countries like Japan and France to reduce their dependence on nuclear energy (“Sayonara nuclear power,” Sept. 22). This is a signal for us to change our choice of power production. There are many harmless and risk-free methods of harnessing power — wind, sea waves and sunlight are some examples. Yet we have made the unwise choice of nuclear power with the Kudankulam plant set to be operationalised. There is no logic in withdrawing from such a huge project. But safety measures should be of prime concern. A gradual, pragmatic retreat from such a nuclear project would be appropriate for India too.

Vasanthakumar Sambasivan,


Nothing can be achieved without incurring some risk. India depends substantially on foreign resources for its energy requirements. Nuclear energy is necessary to reduce this dependence. Energy security is at the core of India’s development story.

We should not compromise on this aspect by blindly following other countries and not venturing into nuclear power.

N. Azgar Ali,



Sayonara nuclear powerSeptember 22, 2012

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