Satyendra Dubey, crusader against corruption and whistleblower, became a victim of criminalisation of politics. He is a role model for young India. He was an exemplary leader who had the courage to challenge criminals in politics. Unfortunately, the government failed to protect the young engineer who fought to build a clean India. Dubey set an example in courage and morality.

Shaikh Jamir Munir,

New Delhi

Dubey’s life is a lesson that all aspiring government servants must examine as it involves honesty, commitment and uprightness. We need more people like him in public service.

Srinath Mahesh,


Many still remember his Herculean task in revealing irregularities in the NHAI’s Golden Quadrilateral project. The best way to pay tribute to him is to pass the Whistle Blowers Protection Bill 2011 into an Act.

Havish Madduri,


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