This refers to the report, “Sheila is Kerala Governor” (March 6). This is an appointment that should not be treated as a routine one. On the contrary, it is once again an occasion to review methods of appointment and removal, duties and perquisites, and use and misuse of the power of governors, and the legal, illegal, moral and immoral forces behind such processes vis-à-vis governance and democratic practices at the national level. Ms. Sheila Dikshit being thrust upon the State is a challenge to the people. Is the move meant to avoid criminal proceedings against her as Governor under Article 361? The appointment has been reduced to a rehabilitation process.

P.R.V. Raja,

Pandalam, Kerala

The resignation of the Kerala Governor, Nikhil Kumar, to contest the election is news that made me indignant. Mr. Kumar lost the 2009 general election to become the Governor, while Ms. Dikshit lost the Delhi election this time to become the new Governor. Failure is now the gateway to success. The President is duty-bound to ensure that such resignations and appointments do not besmirch the august office of Governor.

Alphonse William,



Sheila is Kerala GovernorMarch 4, 2014

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