Rajrishi Singhal has clearly explained the reasons behind recent violent crimes (“The political overlords of a violent underclass,” September 3). It is shocking to note that 1,448 representatives of people have declared criminal cases against them. Alcohol and movies contribute a lot to violence against women. Why not curb alcohol production and strictly censor movies?

N. Sundara Ramaiah,


Politics breeds corruption and violence is its essential tool to perpetuate depravity. The acts of violence against women cannot be viewed as isolated events in a society that has normalised exploitation and discrimination of the weaker sections. Though the number of registered cases against sexual abuse has increased, there is no sign of stringent punishment. Economic disparity has been long stated as the root cause of violence. The truth left untold is that such inequalities have been instilled and entrenched in the system.

Lakshmi Prabha,


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