External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid’s robust defence of his inappropriate political vocabulary to describe Mr. Narendra Modi (“Khurshid sticks to comment on Modi, BJP fumes” Feb. 27) is both undesirable and unfortunate. His act brings down the level of political discourse to a new low. Applying the same yardstick, would not top Congress leaders of the time deserve to be described in the same way in the context of the 1984 riots?

By continuously harping only on the 2002 riots while conveniently sidestepping 1984, and which happened under its watch, the Congress is not only displaying a singular lack of a sense of proportion but also its extreme inability to engage the BJP in any kind of a purposeful debate on issues that currently concern and affect the populace. Civilised people will ignore such irrelevant and intemperate remarks.

S.N. Srinivasan,


The Minister’s ugly remark shows that even educated politicians can stoop very low to earn political mileage. Though he has every right to question the role of Mr. Modi in the Gujarat carnage, he should realise that it is unacceptable to use such epithets. Of late, Congressmen appear to be speaking without thinking about the consequences. Rahul Gandhi and Ms Sonia Gandhi too have advised Congressmen not to use intemperate language in political discourse. Why is this piece of advice being ignored? The Election Commission needs to intervene and ensure that the parties and their leaders conduct themselves in a dignified manner in the run-up to the election.

G. Ramachandran,


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