This refers to the report “Mubarak steps down, Egypt rejoices” (Feb.12). While dictators everywhere face an unceremonious exit, to expect a perfect democracy in Egypt would be unrealistic. The important thing now is to ensure that the country does not fall into the hands of religious extremists or come under military rule.

Karavadi Raghava Rao, Vijayawada

Egypt has shown what a silent revolution can achieve. It is all about people's power. While the armed forces deserve a word of praise for their conduct, the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have been neutral. The West should not meddle in the affairs of Egypt.

C.A.C. Murugappan, Kothamangalam

The people of Egypt deserve praise for staging a bloodless coup with their relentless and unflinching stand. Undoubtedly, this is one of the largest and longest people's revolutions witnessed in recent history. Mr. Mubarak should thank his stars that he was allowed to step down with some dignity.

R.M. Manoharan, Virginia

The young heroes of Egypt have shown us how dictators can be removed without bloodshed. How I wish the celebrated historian, Howard Zinn, was alive to see the historic moment. For the young people of today, this is truly a learning moment.

C. Kalyanaraman, San Francisco

What has happened in Egypt is undoubtedly a revolution. But will it make way for a dictatorship in a different garb? America's role will no doubt be significant.

P. Venkateswarlu, Berhampur

Mr. Mubarak's decision to step down is another example of the success of non-violence. The Egyptian struggle will surely find a place in the history of democracy.

K. Rajakrishnan, Kannur

Egypt has an important message — no ruler, elected or otherwise, can afford to ignore people's aspirations. Let us hope that the political class in India has learnt its lessons.

Sharad Rajimwale, Jodhpur

What has happened in Egypt is no doubt a historical landmark — the result of people's indomitable spirit. Although the cartoon (Feb. 12) explicitly showed how the Muslim Brotherhood is positioning itself in the whole affair to claim its proprietorship in an otherwise people's movement, it can be reasonably assumed that Egypt is going through a social democratic upheaval. In a way, the happenings in Egypt and Tunisia should serve as a sort of shock therapy for some dynasty oriented political parties in our country.

Kasim Sait, Chennai

The stepping down of Mr. Mubarak has shown how a cyber generation can usher in remarkable change. The challenge for Egypt is to liberate itself from the embrace of the U.S. and ensure that there is a fair, democratically elected government.

Harisha Vellanki, Hyderabad

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