The massive turnout for BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Rally in Goa (“Congress weakening federal structure, says Modi”, Jan. 13) may tempt one to think that Narendra Modi is steadily but surely succeeding in pulling out all the stops to make the BJP’s ‘Mission 272-plus’ a reality, which is so very vital to his prime ministerial dream. However, it is not a clear indicator of the national mood. For many, Mr. Modi remains an enigma, his single-point agenda being Congress-bashing. It is high time he is told that governing a country is not all about the Congress and the BJP. It now pertains to the aam aadmi. Further, when the party’s top brass in the State should have been at ground zero, spearheading the relief operations in Canacona, it was more interested in making the rally a grand success.

Pachu Menon


Mr. Modi’s ‘Jayanthi Tax’ charge against former Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jayanthi Natarajan is certainly not in good taste. It has become his favourite pastime to indulge in wild talk on his campaign trail. His whole-hearted support for the cause of big corporate groups is well known. In Gujarat, prime agricultural land is being sold for a song to such groups for projects, with grave implications for the environment. As the Minister in charge of a sensitive portfolio, Ms. Natarajan rightly refused clearance to such projects.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan


Gujarat Chief Minster Narendra Modi is wont to aiming cheap jibes at his opponents at mega-rallies to keep a high profile. It is hardly surprising that this time he has chosen Ms. Natarajan with his flippant ‘Jayanthi Tax’ remark. Obviously, ‘tax’ in the present context is his euphemism for ‘illegal gratification in cash’, a mere allegation. A fine political orator does not mix g sip, lies and half-truths for blatant self-promotion. Mr. Modi’s unalterable profile as a divisive figure is still an albatross around his neck.

G. David Milton


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