Justice Markandey Katju has rightly pointed out the shortcomings in the functioning of the media (“Media and issues of responsibility,” Oct. 22). The media have a noble role to play in a democracy. It is their responsibility to present facts objectively. They should also appreciate the need to project news that is relevant and meaningful, instead of looking for cheap popularity and creating a sensation.

N.M. Rao,


Politicians are busy furthering their benefits and the media follow them, not development issues. With instances of paid news exposed, where does media credibility stand? Who has time for farmers' issues, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, power shortage in villages, crop holiday in the delta area, lack of government support for farmers and the phenomenon of tenant farmers becoming bonded labour?

Ch. Srikanth,


The media play a pivotal role in educating people. It is, therefore, their duty to follow journalistic ethics. The objective of news should be to enlighten people, not sensationalise with a view to competing with others. The media should use their power to expose the plight of the vulnerable sections.

N.S. Sujith Kumar,


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