The editorial “Legitimising the other” (Nov. 18) rightly says that the Election Commission has taken a significant and progressive step by allowing eunuchs and transsexuals to register under the separate sexual identity of “others.” The move has proved that India is indeed the largest democracy. It is a signal to world bodies to accept transgenders as normal human beings who have every right to a decent and dignified life.

The Election Commission’s decision gives an opportunity to these sections to join the social mainstream. But this should not be equated with the decriminalisation of homosexuality, which is against nature.

S. Irudaya Selvaraj,



The Election Commission’s move is welcome. Transsexuals will now have a better representation in the government. They will be able to demand reservation in educational institutions and public sector undertakings. At present, they do not get any financial assistance in the form of bank loans and the like. In this context, the efforts made by the Tamil Nadu government for their welfare deserve to be appreciated.

V.K. Nair,



Legitimising the other November 18, 2009

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