The continuing deadlock in Parliament has led to a huge wastage of public money. Why is the UPA government trying to evade a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the 2G spectrum issue?

There are a number of issues to be discussed — Jammu and Kashmir, the mining scam in Karnataka and Orissa, the Adarsh Housing scam, naxal violence, the corporate housing loan scam — and Parliament cannot afford to remain dysfunctional.

Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo, Dhenkanal

If it is indeed the fear of a JPC summoning the Prime Minister that is preventing the UPA government from constituting one, it is unnecessary. Dr. Singh, a man of integrity and simplicity, can set an example by accepting the Opposition demand bravely. It will definitely take the wind out of the Opposition's sails.

A.V. Narayanan, Tiruchi

The country's legislative body has remained dysfunctional for more than a fortnight because of the Opposition roadblock. If the government is sure that it is clean, it must agree to a JPC probe.

The obstinate refusal to give in is only backfiring on the UPA government as people feel it has something to hide.

T.R. Anandan, Coimbatore

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