The planned Caesarean of Andhra Pradesh is unwarranted. The editorial (Dec. 4) reflects the opinion of most people of the State. The proposal for a “Rayala-Telangana” is only meant to help the Congress cover its losses by undercutting its political rivals, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and the YSR Congress. This example of political opportunism will come at a high cost — of increasing turmoil in the State.

Y. Jagannatham,


The present crisis that Andhra Pradesh faces is because of a series of blunders committed by the ruling Congress right from 2009. Its repeated flip-flops on the issue of Telangana and choice of Chief Ministers led to the issue spiralling out of control.


New Delhi

All recent acts of the Congress are examples of political opportunism. If the idea of a “Rayala-Telangana” is pushed forward, the party is bound to be wiped out electorally in Andhra Pradesh. The UPA government must stop meddling with A.P. The Telangana Bill can be discussed in Parliament after the results of the 2014 election, and with a cool mind. Let the people of the State decide what is to be done.

S. Gopal,


Rank opportunism on the part of the Congress is nothing new. It was clear when the CWC took the decision to create a separate state of Telangana, without considering the merits and demerits of the proposal. It believed then that the TRS would merge with the Congress if Telangana was given statehood, giving it an electoral advantage in the new state. With the TRS backing out from its promise of merger, the Congress has come up with the “Rayala-Telangana” proposal.

V. Subbarao,


While no one disagrees that the proposal for a larger Telangana is an act of political opportunism, it must be noted that Telangana has all along been marred by the politics of opportunism. The demand for a separate Telangana by K. Chandrasekar Rao was revived to resurrect his dying political career. The issue served to dethrone the almost invincible Chandrababu Naidu and bring the Congress back to power. It was put on the backburner by Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy during 2004-2009, and KCR also played along — an act of political convenience for mutual gain. The fatal helicopter crash not only took away the life of YSR but also the hope of a peaceful, united Andhra Pradesh.

The renewal of the Telangana demand by KCR was an act of political revivification. For Jagan, it is an act of political adventurism. Sadly, the way to Telangana is paved with political events which have had little participation by the people of Andhra Pradesh.

N. Sridhar,


A State being divided on the basis of language is understandable, but dividing it for the sake of a few political leaders — to satisfy their selfish ends — is unacceptable. When Parliament convenes next, the issue is bound to be hotly debated. One looks forward to hearing the views of our national parties.

Shibu Gopal,


It would naive to assume that “Rayala-Telangana” will solve problems such as water-sharing. If anything, the merger will only add to existing difficulties. In fast-tracking the creation of Telangana, the Centre seems to have placed a premium on enhancing the interests of the Congress as a party. It is also to undercut the popular support of its main rivals. Political opportunism and sordid electoral calculations that place the lives and security of the people in jeopardy are bound to fail.

Mejari Mallikarjuna,


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