By pardoning the suspended police constable, Abdul Ahad Jan, who hurled a shoe at him during the Independence Day function in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has shown tremendous maturity. His action is in conformity with the principles of Islam which emphasises the values of compassion and forgiveness. Let the way shown by the young leader be emulated by all stakeholders of the troubled State so that the vexed Kashmir issue can be resolved.

Col. Velugoti Ramulu,


No words of praise are enough to appreciate Mr. Abdullah's exemplary action. His gesture of calling Jan to his residence and speaking to him in a friendly manner as seen in the photograph (Aug. 18) is a good example for leaders to emulate.

His move is indeed in line with the teachings of Islam. The extremist elements operating in Kashmir should learn a lesson or two from his rare gesture. It will surely go a long way in ushering in peace and mutual understanding.

S. Nallasivan,


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